Practicing Satanist Kills His Girlfriend, Then Himself After Capturing Entities In His Home

From Raphael Greaes' Facebook page

A man who allegedly killed his girlfriend and then killed himself early Sunday morning played in a Satanic-themed heavy metal band, according to information he posted on his Facebook page.

Police were called at 12:53 a.m. Sunday on a domestic in progress at 2134 Fallen Timber Drive in Sandusky.

Angela Tierney, 31, and Raphael Greaves, 36, were both dead when police arrived.

Tierney’s body was found in front of a residence at 2128 Fallen Timber Drive, according to a report. His body was found at the address where the call came from, 2134 Fallen Timber Drive.

“She was deceased in the house next door. He was deceased in the doorway of their home with the gun next to him,” said assistant police chief Phil Frost.

A recording of the 911 call, apparently from Tierney, records a chilling scene before the line goes dead.

A female voice can be heard, apparently talking to Greaves, “I’m sick of this [expletive]. This is ridiculous. I was sitting there not doing anything. I didn’t do anything!”

She then comes on the line to speak to the dispatcher, saying, “Hello, my boyfriend just [expletive] threw me up against the wall by my (inaudible). He’s coming at me right now.” The dispatcher asks where she is, and she gives the address, adding “I didn’t do anything. Drunk and goes ballistic, as always. Every [expletive] weekend I have to deal with this.” Screaming is then heard and the phone goes dead as the dispatcher radios information to police heading for the scene.

“There was an argument that escalated. He got a gun and shot her and then shot himself,” Sandusky police detective Dana Newell said.

Police recovered a handgun near Greaves’ body, Frost said. The county medical examiner was called to the house, and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation collected evidence at the scene.

Greaves’ Facebook page stated he’s been in a relationship with Tierney since July.

It also stated he was a drummer and bass player with the band Satanicon, a Satan-themed heavy metal band.

Dave Binette, 28, Norwalk, Greaves’ cousin, was very close to him.

He said that people who only know Greaves from the references to Satanism on Greaves’ Facebook page would likely get a wrong impression of the man.

“I firmly believe this was a crime of passion,” Binette said.

“He was a hard working man. … He actually had a very golden heart, when he was sober, mind you,” Binette said.

“This sounds surreal to say about a Satanist, but he was Christlike,” said Binette, who is Catholic. “The guy would give you the shirt off his back if he believed you really needed it. He showed up for Christmas, all the religious holidays.”

Binette said Greaves had anger and depression issues, which came out when Greaves was drinking.

“He had some anger issues when he drank, but I never thought anything so strenuous would happen when he’s drinking,” he said.

Greaves’ bandmate in Satanicon, Joe Aufricht, said he agrees with Binette.

“I think it was the alcohol that drove him to do it, and not Satanism,” Aufricht said.

“I’m still trying to process it,” Aufricht said. “I knew Ray was a little funny when he drank. I never imagined he would do anything like that.”

Aside from his music career, Greaves worked as a truck driver, Binette said.

The “Encyclopaedie Metallum” website describes Satanicon as a black metal band with lyrics that reference Satan. The website says that Raphael “Ray” Greaves, also known as “Grave Desecrator,” is a current member of Satanicon and had played in the past with the bands Skeletonized, Lord Asmodeus and Blood Coven.

Aufricht, a Fairview Park resident, wrote all of the lyrics and most of the music for the band, which at the time of Greaves’ death was down to just two members.

The Sandusky Register’s entertainment editor, Michelle Pletcher, had met Greaves and closely follows the local music scene.

“Black metal is a subgenre of heavy metal, similar to that of thrash, speed and death metal, that features growling/screaming vocal styles, fast tempos, distorted guitars and emphasis on an overall eerie feeling or mood. Satanicon’s last Sandusky show was Halloween 2015,” she wrote in an email, citing the band’s Facebook page.

Postings on Greaves’ Facebook page make frequent references to Satanism.

“Hail to Satan! Death to Jesus,“ Raphael Greaves posted with a photo of himself dressed as the devil.

In another post, Greaves talks about his home on Fallen Timber Drive.

”My neighbors probably have no clue that I have a Satanic ritual chamber in my spare room. Hahaha,” he posted in May.

His last post at the page was Wednesday with a photo of a TV screen in a darkened room.

“A picture of a spirit in our living room just now. I am honored by the Dark Lord,” he said.

When a commenter posted, “Where’s the devil?” the Facebook page shows that Tierney replied, “He’s sitting next to me.”

Greaves listed his religious views on Facebook as “Theistic Satanist.”

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