After Weiners’s Laptop Seized, File Titled ‘Life Insurance’ Allegedly Shows Hillary And Huma Sexually Abusing And Torturing Little Girl

As part of the evidence seized by the NYPD on Anthony Weiner’s now infamous laptop, there was allegedly a sex video involving Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and a minor and/or minors. This video is supposed to contain behavior so disgusting and perverse- including murder and cannibalism- that it made grown men cry and seasoned officers, who had “seen it all,” get sick to their stomachs, not to mention require psychological help after viewing it. In a tweet by journalist Liz Crokin a preview of what the video is supposed to contain was disclosed… and if this in fact accurate it could spell the end for both Clinton and Abedin…
Courtesy: Liz Crokin- Twitter

During the election questions arose as to whether or not Hillary was using a stand-in. One day she would appear looking “normal” and the next she would appear wan and looking years older. Questions also arose about her strange behavioral tics being a result of Kuru, a disease peculiar to cannibalism.

It’s no secret that elites have been using the blood of young people as an “elixir of youth” for years if not considerably longer. Countess Elizabeth Bathory in the late 16th Century was supposed to have bathed and drunk the blood of young women to maintain her youthful appearance. If the rumors and testimony of the times can be believed. There has been some question to the veracity of the stories as having politically manufactured to seize her vast estates. More recently, billionaire Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal is said to be one of those elites currently using treatments of this sort. I wrote about Hillary and the possibilities of her being involved in this practice back during the Pizzagate investigation by independent researchers.

As far back as the Bosnia Conflict CIA cutout companies such as DynCorp and Deagel Inc have been involved in human trafficking as well as organ harvesting. The same thing has happened throughout the conflicts in the Middle East- as well as after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti where Clinton associate Laura Silsby was arrested attempting to smuggle 31 children into the Dominican Republic. What better way to get blood, especially from live children who can be terrorized in order to boost their adrenochrome levels. I’m the first to admit I’m no expert on SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) except to say I’m aware of its existence. What I do know about is child sex trafficking and the links to it between the Clinton Foundation, USAID and DynCorp… in that context, this makes perfect sense.

Too many people inside the NYPD have confirmed the existence of the video and its effects on the people that saw it for it to be a hoax. The only thing new that this adds is the content… and if what Liz Crokin tweeted (and she’s far too honorable and meticulous to be involved in a hoax) turns out to be accurate, or even similar- the likelihood of any of us seeing it are exceedingly slim. It may be used as evidence, bit I doubt that it will be released to the public.

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