Hyper-Sexualization Of Children: Little Girls Model Lingerie In ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Style Fashion Show

Fashion shows are constantly being criticized for their use of either underweight or

overweight models, or models who in some way don’t represent the general population.

Now new photos have emerged of a show that many feel has just totally crossed the line: Girls who appear to be as young as 5 have walked the runway in a Victoria’s Secret–style fashion show in China.

A children's fashion show in China is causing controversy.

The shocking images show that the children were wearing nothing but lingerie, costume wings, and headpieces — all in front of a very snap-happy crowd.

The show was held at a shopping mall in Chengdu City, in southwest China’s Sichuan province.

A children's fashion show in China is causing controversy.
Photo: australscope

It comes after Kim Kardashian sparked controversy with her new children’s line after showing off a bikini and lace slip dress on Snapchat just last month.

“I’m not dressing my 4-yr-old daughter in a leopard n lace slip dress Kim Kardashian Kids Line,” one outraged parent wrote.

What do you think of this latest display?

Original Article:https://www.yahoo.com/style/little-girls-model-lingerie-victorias-secret-style-show-170545539.html

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