This is Where You Start.

Good for you. You’re wise enough to notice things aren’t right. Perhaps you’re a person who doesn’t subscribe to religion, perhaps you are.  I wasn’t, at one time, either. The further into this you go, the easier it will be for you to decide for yourself what is really happening. To get started, Id like to warm you up to some fundamental ideas.

There exists a secret, just under the surface of everything, and if you want to see, all you have to do is look.

Keeping an open mind is the key to understanding.

When I started my interest in this, I was not a religious person. What I’ve learned has led me directly to the “guidebook of the supernatural” as described by L.A. Marzulli – the Bible.

It was about 10 years ago now that I started noticing things rapidly (comparatively) changing. 9/11 had already happened,  and the world to me suddenly seemed more sinister than it had before. I noticed I had a pit in my stomach I couldn’t get rid of. The more I looked into the REAL LIFE things, the tangible things that were happening around me, I was lead into the “Paranormal” or “Supernatural”. As I researched the “Supernatural”, I began to see how seemingly unrelated events in history suddenly had a similar element.. I realized how unprepared I was.

The kings of the earth take their stand And the rulers take counsel together Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, 3“Let us tear their fetters apart And cast away their cords from us!”- Psalms 2:2

I suppose that would be a good place to start. Where I started. After 9/11, I noticed how willing people were to give their freedoms over in the name of “safety”. I could see the agencies that were being created, and to me it seemed like they were a prerequisite to a dictatorship. I thought about how easy it would be, under the guise of safety and security, for our establishment to usurp complete control, and at the same time lay the ground work for what would come. It seemed to me then, that it wasn’t much more a stretch to apply the cause/effect- action/reaction- if/then formula to this. If there is a major event, then that opportunity can be used to an advantage. It appeared to me that the agencies NSA, TSA, Homeland Security, Border Control, ect. would be the tools used to gain that control, and then maintain control. Since then, things have changed dramatically. Laws have changed to allow “terrorists” to be held indefinitely, without trial, and the fine print is blurry. Local police agencies are allocated military vehicles and weapons, tacticle training has begun (in the last few years) to focus on “urban” warfare, and veterans and Christians are now labeled “Domestic Terrorists”.

The leader of this country is open about where he stands. His book ‘Dreams of my father’ lays it all out for us.

What is happening here? If you read the signs, It’s far worse than you can imagine, unless you consult the only book that lays it all out for you.



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  7. Maria Strack

    I appreciate the news from you I finally found.Please keep me posted – I came to your site while I was searching for the subject “infinite earthquakes in italy”. I love this country – and I had considered moving there. My favorite country and most lovely, friendly people. Now I have the impression, their own government is putting the population at risk, just to be friendly with their whitehouse-friends! See the last White house dinner with Obama and Italian PM Renzi plus his “showmaster” Roberto Begnigni. How I loved Benigni before as a Filmproducer – and now – what has become of him? Another puppet!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Maria Strack

    You definitely need to speak out LOUDER! I have found you finally after searching for a while – after page 10 on google…You can make that SEO much better..:-)

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