Google Caught AGAIN Manipulating Search Results- This Time Involving Brazilian Presidential Hopeful

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSA), Brazil’s top election court, fined Fernando Haddad (President Jair Bolsonaro’s leftist opponent) for having a contract with Google to manipulate search results during the election.

Luiz Edson Fachin, of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), ruled that the PT candidate for the presidency, Fernando Haddad, paid Google to highlight negative content and manipulated searches to point to a website with negative coverage of Bolsonaro.

Google wasn’t fined because they claimed that as soon as they were notified by the court of the irregularities they dishonored the contract.

This is a common practice by Google in the United States.

Google manipulates search results for conservatives and conservative publishers to point to negative articles and hit pieces.

So does Google allow people or companies to pay them in order to manipulate search results or only if they are far left/socialist/communist websites?

Google claims their search results are driven by some sacred algorithm. Then how is it possible that they offered such a service to Socialists?


Globo Politics reported (translated):

Luiz Edson Fachin, of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), ruled that the PT candidate for the presidency, Fernando Haddad, defeated last year’s election, and his coalition paid a fine of R $ 176,500 for impetus irregular content against the president Jair Bolsonaro (PSL), who won the dispute.

In a ruling on Tuesday, Fachin said that the Petista campaign paid Google to highlight negative content against Bolsonaro, which violated the electoral law and caused an imbalance in the dispute. The minister denied, however, punishments to Google, on the understanding that the company suspended the contract when notified by the TSE.

Haddad’s advisory issued a statement in which he said Haddad expressed “disbelief and surprise” over Fachin’s decision.

There is even a video that shows how Google manipulates search results to smear President Bolsonaro.

Original Article:

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