Biophotons Found In Human Brain Prove Our Consciousness Is Linked To Light

Biophotons Found In Human Brains Prove Our Consciousness Is Linked To Light

From the dawn of civilization, religious art has depicted its motley assortment of enlightened deities and saintly beings as having shining halos of incandescent light around their heads. Very few have ever questioned the meaning of these depictions or where this idea originated, but perhaps there is a connection worth examining between science, consciousness, and religion as scientists continue to probe the discovery of ‘Biophotons’.

So firstly, some science!

The human brain transmits information using special nerve cells, called neurons. These cells connect to other neurons using special connectors called synapses, thus creating a network. It has long since been known that these ‘neural networks’ use both chemicals and tiny electrical impulses to transmit, process and receive information.

What has become apparent to scientists, however, is that the neurons in the human brain and of the brains of other mammals are capable of producing photons of measurable light which they have termed ‘bio-photons’. The brains of different mammals transmit different numbers of photons with the human brain, of course, being capable of transmitting the most.

Even more exciting is that scientists also suspect that these neurons can actually use this light to communicate, but the question still remains as to what the bio-photons communicate and why. A mysterious, organic, optical network inside all of us.

Now the photon is a very interesting particle. A simple bundle of electromagnetic energy although being able to be both created and destroyed, still has an infinite lifetime and according to the laws of quantum entanglement, a group of entangled photons will react if one of the photons is affected no matter where the other photon is in the universe and in the same instant of time.

Let’s ponder what we’ve just learned for a second before moving on

Maybe, just maybe, using entanglement theory and the fact our bodies produce biophotons, there is no correlation between our actual physical location and our state of consciousness and that our brains can use these biophotons to simultaneously communicate between these entirely different states of time and being. Taking this a step further, is there an implication that the more bio-photons (light) we produce, the more we awaken our understanding of our own physical and conscious spirit which is both separate and inseparable?

Buddhism predated the Abrahamic religions and began in what is now known as Nepal with the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama sometime around 563BC. He became known as Buddha, which in English means “The Enlightened One”, or “The Awakened One”, and refers to one who has become enlightened. Amongst the many quotes attributed to him is this one which perhaps better than any other shows us that all those years ago, he already knew what we are just beginning to comprehend.

What are Biophotons?

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.”

Was this a lesson from a man who had already found the truth and understanding of what consciousness is, and where it comes from?

If we ask the right questions, perhaps we can all use the light to find the answers out there in the universe to anything we ever wanted to know thus reaching a true level of enlightenment.

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