Strange Behavior Is Getting Worse As We See Rage In The Streets Of America Manifesting Into Unexplained Violence

While we have noted and reported on many of the violent events happening across college campuses against conservatives and free speech proponents, as well as the incitement to said violence on the part of the mainstream media, who have their share of blood on their hands after the VA shooting where an angry liberal, Rachel Maddow fan and Bernie Sanders’ supporter opened fire on Republican congressional members, but putting the “political” violence aside, we are noting another disturbing trend across the nation…… uncontrollable anger on social media and rage in the streets.UNCONTROLLABLE ANGER & RAGE IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA

All one has to do is observe for a few minutes on almost any social media platform to get a sense of the uncontrollable anger and vitriol being spewed each and every day, whether it is about politics, or controversial issues, civilized debate almost seems to be a long-forgotten concept as we recently showed with the reactions to the VA shooting, where people celebrated the shooting, offered death wishes, threats against each other are a daily occurrence, and even one Democratic official cited for finding Republicans’ reactions to the shooting “funny.” Even her own party called her out and wants her resignation, but that type of anger and nastiness, has become the norm online and is even being shown offline.

Everything is a micro-aggression these days, or considered racist, or someone finds almost anything offensive enough to protest, or put out a call for action, all indicative of some very, very angry people allowing that anger to blind them to everything but the focus of their “item to be angry at today.”

This anger problem is manifesting itself into outright rage and we are noting more and more instances of that rage causing people to simply “snap.”

For example, today the Daily Mail, under their “most watched news videos,” we see two motorists drive side-by-side in the same lane before one jumps out and kicks his rival’s door in ridiculous road rage caught on dashcam. One driver didn’t let another in front of him as the road merged, so SNAP, the driver that did not get let in, chases the other driver, then pulls along side of him again, where the drivers are slapping each other through their windows. Then the smaller car cuts off the person that originally didn’t let him in front of him, and gets out of his car, elbows the the passenger’s window before kicking the door of the truck twice, then runs back to his own vehicle and takes off.

We also see that on June 18, 2017, which happened to be Father’s Day, a 27-year-old man was shot in the head in a road rage incident in the 600 block of East 82nd Street in the Chatham neighborhood. Another death being blamed on road rage is being reported where a 17 year old Muslim girl was murdered this morning.

This tragic case appears to be the result of a road rage incident involving the suspect, who was driving and who is now charged with murder, and a group of teenagers who was walking and riding bikes in and along a roadway,” Fairfax police said in a statement Monday. “Our investigation at this point in no way indicates the victim was targeted because of her race or religion.”

June 12, 2017, Daily Mail reported on a Florida man that attacked another with a baseball bat in a road rage incident, for no other reason that he was prevented from changing lanes.

Another example, from Chicago at CBS local, headlined “Dispute Over Wrong Drink At Starbucks Ends In Wrestling Match, Stabbing.” The story describes an event that occurred on Sunday, where a man from California went into a Starbucks, ordered a drink, got the wrong drink, then got into a “dispute” with the staff. Another customer attempted to intervene, ended up being attacked by the California man who punched and slapped him, then the two wrestled to the ground when the man that was attacked pulled a knife and the CA man was cut.

In Utah last Friday, a family altercation ended with three people being stabbed. On June 5, 2017, in Colorado, a man was hospitalized after a neighbor pulled out a wooden dowel and beat him…. because his music was too loud. Also in June a teenager attacked an elderly man with a cane, and yet another road rage arrest in Colorado was reported on June 15, 2017.

May 2017: A man went on a stabbing spree at the University of Texas, killing one and injuring three. In Baltimore, a 17 year old was arrested in connection to a triple stabbing at a Federal Hill pub. In Virginia an 18 year old stabbed a woman and her two daughters, aged five and one.

The 27-year-old victim had brought her two children to the park. A little before 8 p.m., an assailant, who the victim ID’ed as Homer, approached the 5-year-old child and attacked her with a knife. At that point, the mother — who was carrying a one-year-old child, turned to the assailant to intervene, causing the attacker to turn his aggression toward her.

The five-year-old girl sustained non-life threatening wounds to the head, neck area, and upper extremities. The mother sustained multiple knife wounds to her upper body, and the one-year-old daughter sustained a knife wound to the head.

Also in May, a Bowie, MD, state university student was stabbed. In Portland, Oregon, another two people were killed with a third stabbed after a man with a long prior records verbally attacked two Muslim women.

Those are just the stabbing incidents, in searching for road rage, we see in May, one in New York where one person was killed, another in Boston, another in Georgia, another in Virginia, (in both the VA and GA incidents, there were children in the vehicles), another in Wisconsin that put one person in the hospital after being struck twice in the shoulder with a hatchet, and another in Florida.

That was all found on just page one of the search results!



The examples go on and on, but the point here is that incidents of “rage” are leaving blood in the streets and events like this are increasing in frequency, not due to heat, or specific events but because of uncontrollable anger at just about everything.

It is like people are just looking for a reason to hate, to rage, to riot and to commit violence.

In October 2015, we discussed how readers were noting how their friends, family and neighbors were acting strangely, “changing, becoming more violent, angered at the smallest things and acting in a manner that is not consistent with their normal personalities,” and this phenomena appears to be getting worse.

Have you noticed people acting strangely? Weigh in on the comment section below.

VIDEO WARNING – Language, offensiveness and RAGE.

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