Strange And Aggressive Animal Behavior Around The Planet

All over the world, and especially in the US, unusual animal behaviors are causing some to ponder whether the world is witnessing a reprise of the Biblical Ten Plagues.

On Sakhalin Island in the far eastern side of Russia, remains of an unidentified sea creature, twice the size of a human, washed ashore a few days ago. The marine animal has a furry tail and a long, bird-like beak, but does not resemble any known creature.

Maine Police closed Wells Beach over the weekend after multiple witnesses spotted a six-foot long shark a mile off the coast. Shark sightings are uncommon in the summer months. Wells Police were quoted in the Boston Globe saying “These sightings are not infrequent; however, this sighting is abnormal given the time of year and proximity to the beach.”

Although the shark in Maine turned out to be a basking shark and not a Great White as was first feared, North Carolina is experiencing a rash of shark attacks. In mid-June, two teens were badly injured, including a 13 year-old girl who lost part of her arm. Four additional shark attacks occurred in North Carolina within a two week period.

A 20-foot long basking shark was caught in southwestern Australia last week. This species, the same one spotted in Maine, hasn’t been seen in the region in 80 years. The last one was caught in the 1930s.

In Southern California, masses of red tuna crabs washed ashore, carpeting the beaches with red. Each red tuna crab is no more than 3 inches long, but when their carcasses are piled on top of one another, they resemble a thick red carpet.

The Pacific Ocean is also the site of a huge and unprecedented toxic algae bloom that runs from Santa Barbara north to Alaska. In essence, a large portion of the Pacific Ocean is being engulfed by the growth of algae that produces domoic acid, which can poison humans.

All of these incidents have been reported in worldwide news in the past few weeks. Add to these the dramatic weather events of recent months and it is possible to conclude that, just as He did in the original Ten Plagues in Egypt, God is displaying His power over nature.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, who writes extensively about the End of Days, teaches that everything that happened during the Exodus from Egypt will recur some form in the generation just before the Messiah is revealed. Winston told Breaking Israel News, “Many know that a comparison is made between the redemption from Egypt and the final one for which we now wait. However, few know just how comparable they are.”

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a mystical rabbi from Southern Israel who publishes a weekly column about world events that is distributed in synagogues throughout Israel, connects all these news stories to the coming Redemption.

He explains, “The changing weather, all of the conflict in the world and the forces of nature – it is all fear of God. It is not usual and not easy when the crowning of the King Messiah is near.”

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