Forced Vaccination Agenda: NBC Caught Faking Measles-Infected Baby Photos, And It Isn’t An Isolated Incident

NBC News with Lester Holt has been caught broadcasting a faked measles photo that relied on Photoshop to add “measles” splotches to the photo of a healthy baby.

Amazingly, NBC News broadcasted the faked measles photo along with on-screen text that claims “Nurse battles vaccine myths as measles outbreak hits 555 cases.”

The real myth, of course, is the idea that NBC News is a news organization at all. In truth, they are a left-wing Big Pharma propaganda ministry that deceives viewers even when claiming to “battle vaccine myths.”

With a hat tip to HighImpactFlix, here’s a video that reveals the NBC News faked measles propaganda. (Below)

See HighImpactFlix on YouTube (until they get completely banned).

See the proof that NBC News fakes measles photos to terrorize their own viewers with mass hysteria

Here’s Lester Holt looking serious, acting like he’s investigating something with a sense of real journalism and honesty, pretending he’s not a lying Big Pharma hack who says whatever he’s ordered to say by the vaccine industry:

Here’s the stock photo image of the healthy baby that NBC News sourced to begin its Photoshop deception:

And here’s the Photoshopped image that NBC News ran with, adding measles splotches to the healthy baby:

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Original Article:

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