Astrophysicist Ronald Shimschuck Says Nibiru Is Quickly Approaching

Dr. Ronald Shimschuck, an M.I.T. graduate who is widely considered among the smartest men on the planet, is the latest credible source to not only confirm Nibiru’s existence but also warn of its potential cataclysmic effects on planet earth.

His credentials include seven years at McDonnell Douglas, after four years’ employment at Boeing and three at NASA. Dr. Shimschuck was also employed as an astronomical consultant at the Arecibo Observatory, in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Shimschuck, whose authoritative research on Nibiru (Planet X) is considered canonical by Nibiru scientists, became interested in the topic in 1985 while involved with NASA’s STS program. There, he learned of a secret executive order, signed by then president Reagan, forbidding any public discussion about Nibiru.

“Few people in the administration even knew about Nibiru,” Shimschuck told our source. “Information on Nibiru was kept compartmentalized, and at the time I hadn’t even known we [NASA] had a dedicated Nibiru research team. But rumors spread, and I became interested. At that point, I was summoned to the director’s office, where I was more or less told that Nibiru was a taboo subject. When it became clear Nibiru would have devastating results on the earth sometime in the early 21st Century, all public discussion was shut down, expeditiously.”


NASA compelled Dr. Shimschuck to sign an aggressive non-disclosure agreement; the document, called a 100/100 agreement, stated clearly the penalties for breaching it, a $100,000,000 fine and 100 years of incarceration, essentially a life sentence, in solitary confinement, without parole.

“I left the administration shortly afterward to work on other projects,” Shimschuck told us.

But he still conducted clandestine research on Nibiru, using his position as consultant at Arecibo Observatory to further his investigation.

According to Shimschuck, the United States, Russia, Japan, and China have colluded to keep sensitive information secret while spreading disinformation and allowing only easily refutable evidence to slip through the cracks. These governments, Shimschuck said, have meticulously engineered world events to distract public attention away from Nibiru.

“Wars, political tensions, and media events are all manufactured to misdirect the public,” Shimschuck said.



“They want to keep the public eye on anything, anywhere, except for where it should be focused, in space. And any credible whistle-blowers were harshly dealt with, people like Harrington.”

Robert Sutton Harrington, whose groundbreaking research many Nibiru scientists would follow, inexplicably dropped dead in 1993.  Credited as the first whistle-blower, Harrington died shortly after leading an astronomical symposium in 1993. During his lecture, Harrington implicated Bill Clinton, Borris Yeltzin, and Anwar Sadat in masterminding a plot to disperse chemicals in the atmosphere to conceal Nibiru’s existence. This process is now commonly known as Chem-Trails or Chem-Spraying. Ironically, just days after the seminar, Harrington was diagnosed with sudden onset esophageal cancer–and dropped dead four days later.

“And, of course, Harrington was the first of many mysterious deaths,” Dr. Shimschuck said.

Usually reliable sources asked Dr. Shimschuck the same question posed to all Nibiru researchers: Why can’t we see it?

tyche planet X Nibiru Nemis, herculubus, planet space

“It can be seen–if you are in southern hemisphere at an altitude greater than 19,000ft. And then the astronomical conditions must be correct. And then only if you have the proper tools, like a Meade – 20 ” MAX2-ACF (f/8) Advance Coma-Free on MAX2 Robotic German Equatorial Mount w/AZ Pier, which cost $36,000 USD. Few hobbyists have such equipment.”

Besides the aforementioned conditions, Nibiru remains hidden to all but the most powerful telescopes on earth–those controlled by government-funded observatories. Nibiru is a collective term referring to the “Nibiru system,” a solar system in a 3,600 year-long elliptical orbit around Sol. The system receives natural concealment via a reflective screen of iron oxide dust that emanates seven million miles in all directions.

“If you wake up one morning and see red iron oxide dust on you car windshield, Nibiru is probably less than 12 hours away,” said Dr. Shimschuck

Another astrophysicist on video speaking of Nibiru. Could not find one of Ronald S.


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  1. So Ok here is the deal, this Astrophysicist is no where to be found on line EXCEPT in articles about planet X
    All of the other scientist mentioned in the article are found easily on Wikipedia. But he is NOT. Now either his name is misspelled and that is the reason I cant find him, OR this is a sloppy bullshit story sent out by the NSA.

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  2. I too tried to find him but all references seem to appear to derive from only one source – A youtube channel, “WAPTEK”, did some research on him as well and came up with some disturbing evidence about that website, which may not be true, but in any event I’m trying to prove this Shimschuck is legit but having a very hard time of it. I WANT this story to be true, but it may be an effort to disinform, after which truthseekers will “throw the baby out with the bathwater” if they find no such astrophysicist exists. For being “one of the smartest men on the planet”, he has no internet trail. Hmmm! Very odd.

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  3. Maybe the powers that be have removed any reference about him so people will dismiss his claims…we know what he has said is true

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  4. Complete fabrication… dr shimshuck does not exist… only on YouTube!! MIT has no record of him!! Someonesbones, now taken down now “twisted truth “ same guy is fabricating many stories… ONE BIG HOAX!!


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