North Carolina Protects Religious Freedom In Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

A major victory for religious freedom in North Carolina where the legislature overrode a veto by Governor Pat McCrory, with regards to a religious freedom bill. We’re going to be talking about it because a law suit filed by Liberty Counsel also was the first effort to protect religious freedom in that state against forced same sex marriage.

Mat Staver: Matt, Liberty Counsel, we filed a lawsuit North Carolina on behalf of a number of magistrates. These magistrates have, many of them, been doing their work for many years. And then the state, ultimately through a court decision, crossed the line on same sex marriage. And consequently, these magistrates were told that they had to perform same sex marriages.

Some magistrates stepped down. We encouraged them to stand their ground and not leave their posts, and many of them did stand their ground. We filed a lawsuit asking for their accommodation based on their religious convictions and religious freedom. And as a result also the legislature got involved and the house and the senate passed this law that would protect them, but the Republican Governor Pat McCrory vetoed the law and now his veto has been overridden by both the house and the senate.

Matt Barber: That’s right. And what this effectively says for magistrates for clerks, for people in North Carolina, they don’t have to abandon their clear, biblical values and adopt counter-biblical, anti-biblical values and disobey God and engage in and participate in so-called same sex weddings that are central…defined centrally by the sin of Sodom, by homosexual sin.

And so this says to those magistrates and others, while the weddings licenses and so forth have to be made available, you don’t have to be the one to do it. You don’t have to participate. You can observe your right of conscience, your freedom of conscience, and somebody else can take over and do that…
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