Military Equipment Sits Behind Closed WalMart? CDS Vehicles? Blacked Out FEMA Buildings? What’s Going On?

With this Jade Helm 15 ‘conspiracy theory’ story slamming the Houston Chronicle and the state of Texas clearly in the bullseye of it all, the brand new 1st video below from DAHBOO77 from the Wal-Mart store in Midland, Texas shows what appears to be the staging of military vehicles behind the Wal-Mart while an All News Pipeline reader has sent us the pictures at the bottom of the story of a private security contractor called ‘Central Defense Security‘ which, coincidentally or not, was also hanging out at the same Midland, Texas Wal-Mart.

The videos and pictures below are from separate sources of the same Wal-Mart and both of them depict what might be considered ‘unusual activity’ considering the buildup now taking place in Texas and across much of America for Jade Helm 15 and what many people feel will eventually lead to the inevitable declaration of martial law that will necessarily come along with the replacement of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, leaving the US a 3rd world country.

The 2nd video is another one from Dahboo77 giving us more undeniable proof about a HUGE military vehicle buildup taking place across the country now. This video also contains footage of mysterious ‘blacked out’ FEMA buildings that are now being built up in Kentucky. Will these ‘blacked-out’ buildings be used by FEMA to ‘help people’ in case of emergency or is there a  more ‘nefarious purpose’ to their existence?

The  photographs at the bottom were sent to All News Pipeline by a concerned reader and taken at the same Midland, Texas Wal-Mart. Is this just a company doing security for Wal-Mart or something else entirely? It’s been pointed out that their design emblem seems to play to a certain ‘theme’





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  1. Still going through the videos but I figured I’d give you what the media is saying. Around Post Tx there’s trucks with missels, also heard walmart blacked out and stored. Playing the Devils advocate our news contacted the military and it was fake missels and is just used as a training for the military for Dyess Airforce base located which is located in Abilene. Which would make sense. You do have to train your pilots somehow. Dyess airforce base, A new mexico base…and shephard air force base are all close in the area so there is a lot of training exercises they do. Lubbock tx use to have a base but was closed down by the government years ago when the government did cut backs on the miltary bases. (you would have thought they would have re-opened it after 911). Also you have Dallas/Ft Worth area not to far (speaking of Texas miles) from the area. Sometimes unknown planes are seen in the area from Lockey Martin etc…they got to fly and practice somewhere. Anyway, can’t say there’s not anything going weird but I can say the local news all around Texas has been asking and so far…as far as we know…seems right. (this coming from a girl that’s got some weird experiences..anything weirder I’ll let you know)

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