Nibiru To Appear February 2021- Says Russian Astrophysicist

Russian astrophysicists at the Ussuriysk Astrophysical Observatory have recalculated Nibiru’s date of arrival and now predict the dark star and its orbiting planets will reach perigee between the 21st and 26th of February in 2021, says Russian astronomer and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Dyomin Damir Zhakarovich. The refined date range supersedes a 2013 Ministry of Defense report that projected Nibiru would arrive during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Last December, Russian President Vladimir Putin commissioned three veteran astrophysicists, none with previous exposure to information on Nibiru, to reconcile discrepancies and produce accurate, actionable statistics. Dr. Zhakarovich, himself a Nibiru scholar, said Vladimir Putin wanted brilliant, unbiased minds to review objectively nearly thirty years of research.

“Over time, we scientists get old and obstinate,” Dr. Zhakarovich said. “Many on Putin’s Nibiru research team are the same people who were looking at the data in the 1980s. Some felt the four-month window was accurate enough and were unwilling to stake their reputations on a more specific timeline. This did not sit well with President Putin. That’s why he brought new blood to the program, to examine variables the others did not see or refused to consider.”

One such variable, Zhakarovich said, is Nibiru’s tendency to periodically “stall” in space. Twice in 2018, in February and June, the planetary system, which is said to be over 140,000,000 miles in diameter, defied the laws of physics and on each occasion sat motionless for exactly 184 hours, a little over a week. The Russian Space Agency scanned for spatial anomalies—black holes, dark matter, and cosmic rifts—but found no aberrations that could anchor an entire star system.

When one astronomer suggested Nibiru might be under intelligent control, Putin fired him on the spot for making reckless assumptions,  Dr. Zhakarovich said.

The new team, however, posited a theory that caught Putin’s attention. They theorized Nibiru is indirectly responsible for slowing its own transit through space.

“While the Nemesis star may be a brown dwarf, it has a density of 155.6gm/cm3. By comparison, Earth’s density is 5.51gm/cm3. It’s theoretically possible that over hundreds of millennia, Nibiru’s orbit intersected, for lack of a better phrase, weak spot in space. Each time Nibiru hits those locations, they weaken more, creating a cosmic sinkhole or depression in the space-time continuum. Ultimately, the depression becomes deep enough to temporarily halt Nibiru’s progress toward Earth. Imagine if you drop a bowling ball on wet cement. If you try to roll the ball, does it move? No, it does not. Same principle. But over time the counter-clockwise rotation of the seven orbiting planets creates enough centrifugal force to free the system,” Dr. Zhakarovich explained.

As to why these anomalies have gone unnoticed, he said contemporary equipment is neither advanced nor sensitive enough to detect obscure astronomical phenomena. The astronomers sifted through three decades of information, looking for other instances where Nibiru may have stopped suddenly in its tracks. But, Zhakarovich said the new crop of astronomers found no additional examples of impediment. After Nibiru freed itself in June, it rapidly accelerated to a mean orbital speed of 12,874kph, and according to the Russian Space Agency, the center of the Nibiru system is currently 296,000,000km from Earth. If all information is accurate, Russian calculations do foretell a February 2021 arrival.

In closing, Dr. Zhakarovich said Putin has enough confidence in the new findings to share them with President Trump when the two leaders meet in Helsinki later this month.

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  1. Sorry….. the speed… 331.200 Kmh around the black sun, to 1.080.000 Kmh in the middle of the orbit, to 259.200 Kmh close to our Sun. And its complete orbit is 13.000 years. You understand why all cultures speak of the universal catastrophe?. When?. Luck.


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