FEMA Grants Wal-Mart $265 Million To ‘Improve Technology With National Security Guidelines’: Facial Recognition Systems For Martial Law Internment

Brock Long’s imminent departure from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has spawned a leadership vacuum, causing division between splinter cells that either still support Long’s draconian agenda or wish to repair damage FEMA has unleashed on the American population. On March 8, Long tendered a letter of resignation to President trump amid allegations that he had funded personal trips and vacations with taxpayer dollars. Although those transgressions are factual, this channel/website believes it divulged the true reason for Long’s departure: President Trump fired him after receiving over 500 complaint letters that highlighted Long’s abusiveness toward subordinates.

President Trump named Pete Gaynor as acting director, but agency scuttlebutt says Gaynor is a weak individual who lacks the stature and authoritative presence needed to steer the mismanaged agency in a positive direction. Long ruled FEMA with an iron fist, crushing all who opposed his sinister plans, whereas  Gaynor is a meek “yes” man more interested in preserving peace within the agency than undoing Long’s damage and steering FEMA on an equable course.

Our source, a 15-year agency veteran, said FEMA’s upper echelon is divided into two camps: Long loyalists eager to see his plans reach fruition; total disarmament and enslavement of the American population. And those seeking a meaningful, righteous course correction whereby FEMA’s power would be curtailed and its scope of operation limited to its intended function—providing disaster relief. But any pivotal change, our source said, hinges on President Trump appointing a permanent, level-headed, sane, and reasonable successor to fill Long’s shoes.

“Right now FEMA is a mess,” our source said. “We have people sneaking around, talking behind each other’s backs, plotting and planning, conspiring…it’s truly disconcerting. In one conference room regional supervisors are steadfastly proposing plans to disarm the public, promote facial recognition scanner, and construct additional “family relocation centers.” Meanwhile, in an adjoining conference room, they’re discussing how to fix damage and transform public perception. Hell, they’ve even talked of hiring a public relations firm.”

Acting Director Gaynor, he added, has not attended a single meeting. Rather, he is given briefs, which he probably does not read and is therefore clueless of the perpetual chaos overshadowing the agency over which he has been granted temporary governance.

Last month, Gaynor allegedly signed off on request form that granted Walmart $265,000,000 for “technological improvements in accordance with national security guidelines.”  FEMA’s annual budget is roughly $19 billion dollars; Walmart in 2018 netted $129 billion dollars in profit. Thus, it is illogical that FEMA gave even one cent to a corporation whose profit margin is exponentially greater than its yearly budget. Unless, of course, they are partners in crime.

“On the other hand, Gaynor allocated $65 million toward a study illustrating that a firearm is no more dangerous than a slingshot. A positive outcome would draw applause from the NRA and 2nd Amendment activists. He is either playing both sides of the fence or naïve to his surroundings,” our source said.

The top-tier quarrels, he said, have affected even low-level, poorly-informed personnel just trying to eke out a living. In the last two months, FEMA has experienced moderate attrition: 147 field agents and twelve supervisors have resigned, citing irreconcilable differences with the agency’s operational procedures.

“I’ve spoken to many others who say they want to leave, but are afraid it will be too difficult to find new employment if they do.  There’s a huge tug-of-war, and it has taken toll on many,” our source said.

In closing, it’s still this journalist’s opinion that FEMA be disbanded. The agency has been mired in controversy since its 1975 inception under then president Jimmy Carter and National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. Internment camps have sprung nationwide; FEMA barges patrol intercostal waterways; the agency has purportedly abducted and executed countless homeless persons in a beta test for the future enslavement of humankind. The list goes on. Irreparable corruption has tainted FEMA beyond the point of redemption.

Original Article:http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/leadership-vacuum-rocks-fema/

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