Canadian School Issues 6,000 Suspension Notices Over Vaccination Records, Forcing Vaccinations

Do Vaccine Mandates Force Parents to Vaccinate Their Kids? – VAXOPEDIA

More than 6,000 school suspension notices will go out to parents in Waterloo region this week — all over vaccination records.

More than 6,000 school suspension notices will go out to parents in Waterloo region this week — all over vaccination records.

Region of Waterloo Public Health officials said a total of 6,129 suspension orders will go out and parents will have until March 26 to provide proof of immunization or a valid exemption to avoid suspension.

Suspensions can last up to 20 days.

In the fall of 2018, Region of Waterloo Public Health sent out 9,595 notices to parents of children who had immunization records that were not up to date.

This happens just a few days after Youtube has decided to remove ads from anti-vax channels. End of the FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

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  1. Hi, I believe that the medical agenda (labs, hospitals, doctors, health plan, VACINES, etc.) NEEDS desease, if don’t exist desiese, sick people, they lose the profits, the susteinable agenda that the only that has gain in that is a medical agenda, and the people… well, the people is jeopardize by a criminal sabotage agenda!
    That’s the fact, and all other propositional ideia is false, our health is an obligation of our selfies, only us are really interested in our health, the others (owners of the medical agenda) only want our desease! The desease that will full of money there’s pockets and walets!
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    Who needs bandits? Cops, because without bandits they dont have functions! And governments, because what generate a necessity of control by out side is the caos in the social structure, in the core of society!
    Thats the reason that governments needs bread and circus, the show need to continuos, that what garantee the susteinable agenda that slave every body!
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    If we want health, we do our pat in this way, we forge our self an a strong way, in a independent way, our skills are valorated and not the skills of others!
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    however, is important to understand that our increase not means that the others are weak, means that we are responsable to us!
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