Dramatic Increase In Seismic Activity In The Canary Islands, Spain

The seismic activity in the Canary Islands is increasing dramatically since 3 years, passing from 330 in 2016 to 1100 in 2017 and 1527 in 2018. Although new seismometers have been placed in strategic active spots (like the volcano Mount Tiede), it cannot be the only cause behind this spike. Is something brewing in this Spanish archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean?

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Seismic activity in Canary Islands increases dramatically in 2018 compared to 2017 and 2016. via IGN

Seismic activity Canary Islands 2018

This video features the seismicity in the Canary Islands as recorded by seismometers from the National Geographic Institute (IGN) over 2018:

According to data, 1527 earthquakes have been measured:

  • 1180 in Tenerife and surroundings (less than 60 km from Teide)
  • 121 on the island of La Palma (mainly during the crisis of February)
  • 108 on the island of El Hierro and surroundings

Seismic activity Canary Islands 2017

In 2017, 1100 earthquakes have been felt in the Canary Islands.

From these 1100 earthquakes, 800 occurred in Tenerife and surroundings (less than 60 km from Teide), 140 on the island of La Palma (mainly during the crisis October) and 70 on the island of El Hierro and surroundings.

Seismic activity Canary Islands 2016

In 2016, only 338 earthquakes were reported. That’s very low compared to 2017, 2018… But still interesting to note.

The Canary Islands is a seismic and volcanic active region in the world. But how to explain this dramatic increase (about 28%) in earthquakes?

Technology? Yes of course but it cannot account alone for such a spike! According to experts, Mount Tiede is not about to erupt, although most of the quakes measured hit close-by.

But there is an underwater fault between Gran Canaria and Tenerife. This is where almost all of the quakes struck. According to latest data, the underwater fault is currently inactive… But what if it started ‘living’ again? Yes, the Teide is near!

There is something brewing in the area, but scientists do not want to alert the masses! Be ready and get prepared!

Original Article:http://strangesounds.org/2019/01/seismic-activity-in-canary-islands-spain-from-330-in-2016-to-1100-in-2017-and-more-than-1500-in-2018.html

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