Fourth Explosion At Chinese Chemical Facility

A Fourth Major Factory Explosion in China

China is literally blowing up. Their economy is on the edge of disaster. Their stock market had dropped 22%. And now a humongous blast at a chemical factory is the fourth to hit China in just over a month!

An explosion at a chemical factory in eastern China, the latest in a series of deadly warehouse blasts, raises questions about insufficient safety regulations…or outright attacks.

A giant explosion of a chemical tank at Rizhao Port in June saw local authorities seed the clouds in the area to make it rain and help douse the dangerous inferno. A massive Explosion Rocked the Chinese Port city of Tianjin, killing 158 with many more injured. A few days later yet another massive explosion at a chemical factory in China’s eastern Shandong province. And now this latest incident in an industrial area in Dongying, located in the eastern province of Shandong province late Monday. The fire was extinguished five hours later.

Chinese authorities have detained 12 company employees and 11 government officials in the investigation. Officials are believed to have obtained fraudulent safety licenses.

Investigators are trying to figure out how the warehouse was allowed to store such dangerous chemicals so close to residences, in violation of safety standards. Obviously they are not looking all that hard, considering the corruption in the nation.

The incident is raising questions about how many other facilities are not adhering to proper safety standards, and whether China’s well-documented government corruption is helping lead to those violations.

Ya think?

Perhaps the United States should lend a hand and send the EPA over to assist them?

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