Beautiful Phenomena Is Being Captured More And More Around The Globe- This Time In Romania

Another impressive light show surprised Azuga skywatchers as their skies started glowing in different very intense colors – like auroras – over the Bucegi Mountains last Sunday at sunset in Romania.

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Intense fire rainbow appears in the sky over Romania in February 2019. Picture via Facebook/Răzvan Neagoe

These insane rainbow clouds were captured by Razvan Neagoe.

Some will say this incredible spectacle is due to sun light refracting in ice crystals. Others will say this ‘winter rainbow’ is due to chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere.

The sky over Azuga is glowing up in different colors… Like during northern lights. Picture via Facebook/Răzvan Neagoe

In any cases, physics and chemistry will always baffle people!

And Răzvan Neagoe explains:

“I do not know how it was seen from other parts, but I think people in Azuga had the optimal position to watch this fiery show. Similar to northern lights, the phenomenon was dynamic, sometimes more intense, sometimes more pale and it lasted 20 minutes more or less just before sunset, when the glow turned red then orange before darkening.”

Original Article:

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