Media Blitz To ‘Normalize’ Transgenderism

Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager, wrote a book about having a

Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager, wrote a book about having a “girl’s brain in a boy’s body.” It is now being used in schools.

The establishment media has suddenly gone ga-ga over transgenders.

Whether it’s Bruce Jenner’s prime-time interview with Diane Sawyer to discuss his “journey” from a 1976 Olympic decathlon stud to surgery- and drug-induced womanhood, or teary-eyed parents waxing softly about their child’s difficult but rewarding transformation from one sex to another, the American public is about to be inundated with journalistic stories, TV shows, books, movies and ads promoting transgenderism.

Like all good propaganda campaigns, it starts in the schools.

Parents of children at a middle school in Maine were outraged when they found out a guidance counselor read “I Am Jazz” to a class of 7-year-olds. The autobiographical picture book is based on the life of Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager who talks of having a “girl’s brain in a boy’s body.”

“From the time she was 2 years old, Jazz knew that she had a girl’s brain in a boy’s body. She loved pink and dressing up as a mermaid and didn’t feel like herself in boys’ clothing,” reads the description on Amazon. But her family was confused because they always thought of Jazz as a boy.

The book describes how Jazz “flourished once she was allowed to be herself,” said one reviewer, E.M. Kokie, in a review for, a site that focuses on “social justice and children’s literature.”

The children’s book has won myriad awards.

NBC reported this week a story about how California Congressman Mike Honda’s “transgender daughter makes him proud.”

The boy (now girl)’s father says he just wants his child to “be happy,” as a tear forms in his eye.

The NBC Today Show presented the stories of several sets of parents last week who have “struggled” with their young children’s gender confusion. Most decided to support their boys’ desire to be girls, and vise versa.

Not to be outdone, CBS did a story on a family celebrating their “5-year-old son’s transgender journey.”

This is the way CBS Boston reporter Ken McCleod began his story:

“A Massachusetts couple knew their child wasn’t happy. So they made the courageous and difficult decision to raise their daughter as a boy at his own request.”

The rest is predictable.

Then there is the new TV series “Transparent,” a comedy-drama television series produced for Amazon Studios Video that debuted last year. The series, created and directed by Jill Soloway, presents the story of a Los Angeles family and their lives following the discovery that the person they knew as their father Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) is transgender.

At the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 11, the show won the award for best television series.

Former model Tyra Banks has also produced a transgender TV series for VH1 called TransAmerica, starring transgender model/activist Carmen Carrera.

Transgender model Carmen Carrera stars in a new TV series produced by Tyra Banks.

According to Hollywood Reporter, “the eight-episode documentaries will chronicle a group of Chicago women united by the shared experience of being transgender. The series is described as an earnest look at a group of millennial women — who happen to be transgender — living, loving and building their careers. The series will explore how their sexuality impacts their lives.”

Susan Levison, executive vice president of programming for VH1, told Hollywood Reporter: “This is a show about a group of compelling, gorgeous young friends who are on a unique journey while staying true to their authentic selves. We believe that message resonates.”

Summer camps for the gender confused

And the movement isn’t limited to a media blitz.

The transgender movement now offers transgender-friendly summer camps for children of all ages.

Camp Aranu’tiq is one such venture. Launched in 2010, the program seeks to offer an overnight camp experience designed specifically for “transgender and gender variant youth.”

Aranu’tiq is a chugach (Indigenous people of Alaska) word for “a person who was thought to embody both the male and female spirit,” according to the camp’s website. “Aranu’tiq people were often revered and thought to be very lucky because their existence transcended traditional boundaries.”

Camps are held for pre-teens and teens at undisclosed sites.

The camp was founded by Boston native Nick Teich, a PhD candidate at Brandeis University and author of the book “Transgendered 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue. He has a “deep personal interest in helping transgender youth to be themselves,” according to the camp’s website.

The assistant camp director is Morgan Darby, a former teacher and girls’ basketball coach who relocated from Oakland, California, to Boston. She is an active member of MassEquality, an LGBT statewide grassroots advocacy organization and holds and master of arts degree in gender and cultural studies from Simmons College.

The camp also has psychologists and therapists who collaborate with parents and support groups, “supporting families through transition.”

One such professional is Bob Ditter, a family therapist in Boston who, according to his bio, “is a nationally recognized trainer and consultant for organizations that work with young people. He has visited over 600 summer camps in the United States.”

Under a section “Who can attend Camp Aranutiq’s programs,” the camp’s website states:

“Camp Aranu’tiq is for those who feel that they do not fit into the norms our society has prescribed for gender. This includes those who have “transitioned,” those who happen to express their gender differently than others, and those who may experience teasing or bullying because of their gender.”

The camp says of its staff:

“About half to two-thirds of our counselors at each program are trans-identified. We feel it is important to have role models who are of all gender identities and expressions. We seek a diverse group of staff and volunteers.”

Camp Aranu’tiq was winner of the Eleanor Eells Award in 2012. This award recognizes program excellence as well as research in practice at camps, according the Eleanor Eells website.

Camp Aranu’tiq is just one example. There are dozens of similar camps easily found online.

‘Christian’ camps for transgenders?

Some even claim to be “faith-based.”

“The Naming Project” touts itself as a “faith-based organization that aims to provide a haven for LGBTQ and allies alike.”

The logo for The Naming Project, which claims to be a Christian ministry.

The logo for The Naming Project, which claims to be a Christian ministry.

It is holding a camp session from July 26-31 at Bay Lake Camp in Deerwood, Minnesota. “Youth ages 14-18 of all sexual and gender identities who are interested in talking and learning about sexuality and gender in the context of their own spiritual understanding are encouraged to attend,” according to the website

The Naming Project promotes a documentary called “Camping Out.”

The Naming Project says it is “a Christian ministry that walks with youth wherever they are on their own faith journey. Youth from around the country attend our summer camp, and we communicate with youth, parents, pastors, youth workers, and others who care for LGBTQ youth.”

The Naming Project is just one example of how the LGBT movement is spilling over into the Christian church.

The LGBT Humanist Council promotes a program called “Sharing Our Stories,” which celebrates the lives of LGBTQ people.

A group in Gastonia, N.C., called Gaston Has Heart is one of many to pick up on the theme, offering a “Sharing Our Stories” program at a local church, All Saints Episcopal, last month.

“The day will consist of three wonderful keynote speakers, Joshua Burford; The Dr. Rev. Gary Butterworth; and Matthew Morrell Comer. Also, we will offer ten educational workshops, on a wide-variety of topics related to the LGBTQ Community, over the span of three concurrent sessions,” the group’s Facebook site says. “Finally, we will hold a ’round table’ discussion on collaboration in the Community.”

The site further explains that, “‘Sharing Our Stories’ is appropriate for anyone in the LGBTQ Community, its allies and advocates, educators, those in the human services field, parents, families, friends, members of the faith community and many more.”

But not all scientists are on board with the transgender movement’s basic hypothesis, that gender confusion is a genetic, permanent condition.

Top psychologist throws water on LGBT ‘science’

There is a solid body of research that indicates gender confusion is best understood as a mental disorder, often temporary in nature.

Former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Paul R. McHugh, M.D., concluded it is “biologically impossible” for a person to change the sex they were born with, and those who advocate “sexual reassignment surgery” are thus promoting mental illness.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, McHugh, who is Hopkins’ Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, cites a long-term Swedish study that followed transgendered persons for up to 30 years, and revealed that “beginning about 10 years after having the surgery, the transgendered began to experience increasing mental difficulties. Most shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable non-transgender population.”

McHugh’s research further concluded: “When children who reported transgender feelings were tracked without medical or surgical treatment at both Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic, 70%-80% of them spontaneously lost those feelings.”

Yet, the push to normalize transgenderism rushes forward.

It’s no coincidence that the transgender movement should follow on the heels of a very successful same-sex marriage movement, says David Usher, president of the Center for Marriage Policy.

It comes in the wake of a late 2014 ABC News poll showing 58 percent of American adults now approve of same-sex marriage, up from just 32 percent nine years ago. So the media machine is moving on to the next stop on its family-destroying agenda, says Usher.

He believes the movement will result in tragedy for hundreds of young people who are being sold a lie.

“I’m just wondering what planet I’m living on now, but this is all basically straight out of (Alfred) Kinsey (the famous sexologist). The whole concept is that one’s biological sex is completely immaterial,” he said. “That’s just the next phase of the sexual liberation movement, to make it so physical sex means absolutely nothing.”

Inherent in this “junk science” is the idea that the mind is all powerful and the mind prevails over reality.

“And basically we live in an age when reality just doesn’t matter anymore. What is, isn’t. This is basically liberals trying to bring in the last stage of cultural destruction laid out by Herbert Marcuse,” Usher said.

Building a new social order

Marcuse was a German-American philosopher, sociologist and political theorist associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory. This school taught that it was necessary to advance the theories of Karl Marx beyond economics into the realm of sociology and culture. It was the crossing of Marx with Freud.

“Just as classical economic Marxism argued that under capitalism the working class was oppressed, so the Frankfurt school used Freud to argue that under Western culture everyone lived in a constant state of psychological repression,” said William Lind in a documentary produced by the Free Congress Foundation.

The idea was to end sexual alienation, which cultural Marxists argued was just as significant as economic alienation.

Just as economic Marxism had to destroy capitalism before it could rebuild a society under socialist principles, cultural Marxists work to destroy the family and religious institutions so they can usher in a new order based on secularism and brute materialism.

Some have called it “cultural terrorism.”

“This is the socialist mindset. If you can destroy the meaning of what it means to be a woman or a man, then the whole country is up for grabs,” Usher said.

The American Psychological Association decided in 1974 that homosexuality was no longer a mental health issue. Transgengerism is the next phase of that metamorphosis.

School counselors in some school districts are already being directed to “new research” that suggests they must “advocate” for gender-confused students in elementary and middle schools.

“So what the APA has done is create a lot of people who are very malleable and they get sick, get depressed, and they need resources, which of course is always presented in another government program, because you create people with mental problems who need constant counseling,” Usher said.

These kind of strange approaches to mental health issues, and the blurring of the lines between men and women were common in the Soviet Union, Usher said. But even the Soviets and the Nazis were not as extreme in embracing transgenderism as those who make the rounds in America’s left-of-center political circles.

“If only a few people believed it, it wouldn’t be so frightening,” he said.

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