ISIS Releases Video Of Ethiopian Christians In Libya Being Beheaded

The terrorist group claimed the men were “worshippers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian Church.” The Ethiopian government could not confirm if the men were citizens of the country, but they did condemn the slaughter.

The majority of the 30-minute video is a condemnation of Christianity, mainly against the Catholic Church. It showcases militants destroying sacred churches, altars, and art. At the 25-minute mark, the video shows militants marching the victims to their death. The speaker, dressed in black, speaks with an American accent and vows to kill any Christian who does not convert to Islam.

“To the nation of the cross we are now back again,” exclaimed one masked fighter with an American accent.

The camera pans to the victims, who appear to be coherent and know what is going to happen.

“You will not have safety even in your dreams, until you accept Islam,” said the masked fighter. “Our battle is a battle between faith and blasphemy, between truth and falsehood.”

With two minutes left in the video, the militants on the beach shove the men to their stomachs and behead them. In the desert, the militants shoot the victims at point-blank range.

“We have seen the video but our embassy in Cairo has not been able to confirm that the victims are Ethiopian nationals,” said Redwan Hussein, an Ethiopian government spokesman. “Nonetheless, the Ethiopian government condemns the atrocious act.”

The video (Warning: Graphic) below:

The video is not verified, but it does carry the emblem of the group’s media arm Al-Furquan. The video comes two months after ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians on a beach in Libya. The speaker in that video also addressed the nation of the cross and promised to conquer Rome.

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