Finland Puts Christianity On Trial- Deems Bible ‘Hate Speech”

Finland Puts Christianity on Trial as the Bible gets called hate speech

In Finland a Pastor and a member of Parliament are being put on trial for their faith The Federalist reports:

Finland puts Christianity on trial as the Bible is deemed as “Hate Speech”

“Juhana Pohjola wouldn’t be cast to play his own part if Hollywood made a movie about a bishop put on trial for his faith. The Finnish pastor has inherited a place in the church of Martin Luther, but it appears none of Luther’s pugnacity or vitriol. In person, Pohjola, 49, is forthright but unassuming, and gentle. Stereotypically, the Finn is thin and tall. He often pauses while speaking to carefully consider his next words. He listens attentively to others with far less impressive resumes…This is the man who appears to be the first in the post-Soviet Union West to be brought up on criminal charges for preaching the Christian message as it has been established for thousands of years. Also charged in the case that goes to trial on January 24 is Pohjola’s fellow Lutheran and a Finnish member of Parliament, Paivi Rasanen.”

This is huge news for all Christians around the world as this surely will not stay in Finland but will spread across the globe if we do not stand firmly in our faith and raise Christ up to a raging world. Perhaps what is even more concerning is what the charges are over:

“Rasanen’s alleged crimes in a country that claims to guarantee freedom of speech and religion include tweeting a picture of a Bible verse. Potential penalties if they are convicted include fines and up to two years in prison.”

“Rasanen and Pohjola are being charged with “hate speech” for respectively writing and publishing a 24-page 2004 booklet that explains basic Christian theology about sex and marriage, which reserves sex exclusively for within marriage, which can only consist of one man and one woman, for life. The Finnish prosecutor claims centuries-old Christian teachings about sex “incite hatred” and violate legal preferences for government-privileged identity groups.”

The Bible is getting called hate speech and they are finding material way back from 2004. As a Christian we know that God’s word doesn’t change so the material should still be relevant to the men’s position but it really does bring the old saying to life, “If you were put on trial for your faith, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” I imagine that in these two men’s life the answer is yes.

Take heart and prepare Christian, your faith may be put on trial. Stand for Christ!

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