Democrats Pushing To Control Free Speech And Enforce Narratives About COVID And Biden Through Punitive Measures

Increasingly, authoritarian Democrats at all government levels are enforcing speech codes to control narratives about Joe Biden, his regime, and COVID-19 in particular, proving that George Orwell’s “1984” was more than prophetic; it was a roadmap.

In addition to Democrats in America, left-wing “liberals” in the Canadian government are also implementing speech codes, such as in a case involving a pastor who refused to stop preaching to the faithful during the pandemic.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was recently ordered by a judge to repeat the government’s lies about the COVID-19 vaccines, mask mandates and other pandemic-related regulations or else face time behind bars, as Big League Politics reported this week:

Artur is being fined $23,000 Canadian dollars, and must serve 18 months on probation. As a condition of his sham conviction, the Christian Pastor must “place the other side of the argument on the record,” and is being forced to defend the government’s demands for obedience to coronavirus rules. Pawlowski will be forced to propagate claims that assert social distancing and masks are necessary, even as increasing evidence suggests wearing masks has been a waste of time with little to no antiviral utility since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

People like Pawlowski “are on the wrong side of science,” said Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Adam Germain, who handed down the mandated speech sentence.

“I am aware that the views I am expressing to you may not be held by medical experts … the majority of medical experts favor social distancing … vaccine programs,” Pawlowski has been told to say, among other things.

Meanwhile, in Illinois, a judge has ordered Chicago Police union boss John Catanzara to stop urging members not to comply with Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s vaccine mandate for all city employees.

“I’ve made my status very clear as far as the vaccine, but I do not believe the city has the authority to mandate that to anybody—let alone that information about your medical history,” Catanzara said in a video posted to social media. “With that being said, everybody has to do what’s in their hearts and minds, whatever that is.”

But Cook County Circuit Judge Cecilia Horan issued her ruling last week “after a lengthy emergency hearing on a request for injunctive relief that the city filed earlier in the day,” The Epoch Times reported.

The effort to censor under threat of punishment has also spread to college campuses in the wake of chants breaking out at football games in which throngs of students yell, “F**k Joe Biden! F**k Joe Biden!”

At Virginia Tech, for instance, university officials are warning students not to engage in the chant because it’s “inappropriate.”

“It troubles us to write this message because of the high regard we hold for our students and the joy, curiosity, and excellence with which you embrace your education every day,” the letter from athletics director Whit Babcock, vice president of student affairs Frank Shushok Jr. and Virginia Tech police chief Mac Babb, read. “Over the last several weeks, we have heard too many stories of selfish, inappropriate, and embarrassing student behavior at home football games. What we have heard falls short of Virginia Tech standards — and most importantly, creates an unsafe environment for all who attend.”

Now, student attendance to Hokies games is going to be “restricted to season ticket holders and a more limited number of student lottery winners,” while students will be forced to “follow all new guidance for gate entry,” according to Fox News, citing the new rules. Also, there will be more law enforcement officers on hand to “support a positive and safe fan experience.”

“Virginia Tech is such a strong, vibrant community guided by our Principles of Community, which are always on display at our home football games in the fall,” the letter added. “This year especially, we have so much to be proud of with being back on campus and in the full swing of the semester. But this is one area where we haven’t brought our best. Let’s change that starting Saturday and remind our community that we know and honor what it means to be a Hokie.”

There is no way Virginia Tech’s leftist administration would stop students from screaming “F**k Donald Trump!” if he were still president, which just goes to prove not only are leftists hypocrites, they are tyrants who abhor all forms of speech they don’t like.

Democrats are not friends of the Constitution and they don’t support liberty, period.

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