By Design: Prepare For Empty Shelves This Season

The White House sends up early flares, warning that there are likely to be empty shelves in many stores this Christmas, as the on-going supply chain nightmare from China ripples throughout the world.

If you have been paying attention, you are most likely already aware of this change. Used cars cost a lot more than they did only a year ago, new cars are in short supply, and food, electronics, clothes, etc, are as much as two or three times the price they were a year ago.

It is not just Christmas shopping that will be affected.  Our missions work has been greatly impacted from this supply-chain crisis.

Let us help explain what is happening by cutting out all the noise.  In a nut-shell, here is the problem – China’s quarantine.

At the heart of the global bottleneck is China’s quarantine on all ships coming into dock. It is not just passengers that are arriving on planes who are quarantined, but all of the sailers on cargo ships are forced to go through a dogmatic quarantine before they are even allowed to dock.

This has created a long line of ships circling in the waters, waiting outside of Chinese docks. They are ready to carry the goods to their destination, but Chinese customs officers and port security are firm on their policy. Fewer and fewer cargo ships and cargo ship sailors are willing to submit to this quarantine, so that means fewer ships. Ships that do agree to submit to the quarantine have to take much longer on their delivery time.

This means that more fuel is belched into the environment, more workers are idle and away from their families, and shipping times are ten times longer than before – making everything more expensive.

In 2020, many nations around the world realized that a heavy reliance on China’s supply-chain was not good for national security. Japan, South Korea, and India began massive reductions in the number of items that they brought in from China – especially in terms of electronics and pharmaceuticals.

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