Debate Commission Member Has Ties To Soros-Funded ‘Transition Integrity project’

Debate Commission Member Has Ties to Soros-backed Transition Integrity Project

Many Americans take it as a foregone conclusion that the debates are rigged in favor of the Democratic candidate. Now we know who’s doing the rigging. 

Antonia Hernandez sits on the board of directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates. She is affiliated with the Berggruen Institute, which has ties to the Chinese Communist Party and to the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), the group that calls for “street fights” to secure a Biden win in the 2020 election.

As the National Pulse notes, the Berggruen Institute website lists Hernandez as a member of the “Berggruen network,” a network that also includes five fellows at Chinese Communist Party-funded universities and two members of the pro-China lobby group and Confucius Institute-sponsoring Asia Society.

Ronnie Chan, a fellow member of the Berggruen network, governs the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), a controversial Chinese Communist Party-led foundation that offers American colleges donations that many universities refuse due to the organization’s communist ties. 

The National Pulse reports:

The Berggruen Institute hosts the Berggruen China Center and has funneled tens of millions of dollars into state-run universities such as Peking University.

The Berggruen Institute’s China initiative lists a bevy of Chinese government-run entities as partners including the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence.

The institute’s 21st Century Council, which aims to thwart “the anti-globalization backlash that brought nationalist and populist movements to power in major countries,” also features the Director of Shanghai-based Chengwei Capital Eric Li, who penned a Foreign Policy op-ed entitled “Xi Jinping is a Good Emperor,” extolling the brutal Chinese Communist Party leader while insisting “opportunism and shirking responsibility are not within Xi Jinping’s character.”

Still another Berggruen network member, Fred Hu, whose bio states he “advised the Chinese government” on finance, presently sits on the Hong Kong Government’s Strategic Development Committee and the Advisory Committee for the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Additionally, Hernandez served on the Berggruen Institute on Governance Think Long Committee for California alongside founder Nicolas Berggruen; the two worked together with the Youth Policy Institute and participated in panels about “rebooting California’s government.”

The Berggruen Institute’s vice president of programs is Nils Gilman, co-founder of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP). Gilman has openly called for the execution of a former Trump administration official.

TIP claims to be a bipartisan group, yet it is staffed by leftists and NeverTrump Republicans. Its overarching aim is to ensure President Trump doesn’t “prematurely” declare himself the winner on Election Night. To that end, the organization is calling for mass street uprisings after the election, using the current Black Lives Matter movement as the building block for recruiting “racial justice leaders” who can be counted on to foment disturbances after the polls close.

TIP, notably, is funded by George Soros. The group has gone so far as to hold war games simulating what would happen should Biden refuse to concede the election.

Furthermore, while TIP claims to be “bipartisan,” it is, in fact, funded by Obama lawyers tied to Hunter Biden. The National Pulse formerly reported, “The critical connection comes through President Obama’s former associate White House Counsel, Ian Bassin, who heads the anti-Trump litigation efforts Protect Democracy Project and United to Protect Democracy.

“Bassin previously headed the far-left Avaaz network, founded in turn by the leftist group, as well as the Truman National Security Project, which has featured lead Joe Biden policy advisor Jake Sullivan and Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden on its board.”

During the first presidential debate, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, viewers criticized what they deemed bias against President Trump, with the president often debating both his challenger and Wallace simultaneously. 

Last week, former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole said there are no supporters of the president on the debate commission:

Clearly, the purpose of the debate commission, given its makeup, is not to provide an honest or fair forum for political discourse, or to serve as a platform for educating voters, but rather to give a bump to the campaign of the Democratic candidate.

It’s far past time the American public learns who the gatekeepers are and holds them accountable for their poor stewardship over the information stream.

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