Tsunami Waves Will Swamp Washington State After Major Earthquake, Simulation Shows

Scientists from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources warn the Cascadia subduction zone is long overdue for an earthquake and have alerted residents to prepare for what may become.

Washington Geological survey hazard geologists have created a simulation that shows a tsunami wave amplitude simulation for Washington State based on a hypothetical magnitude 9.0 earthquake (L1) scenario on the Cascadia subduction zone and the results aren’t good.

Astonishingly, the simulation reveals that the City of Seattle would be struck by crippling tsunami waves two hours and 20 minutes after an earthquake.

“There is no earthquake season,” DNR Chief Geologist Corina Allen told Q13 FOX. “It could happen today, it could happen tomorrow or 50 years from now.”

The warning from DNR scientists dovetails with information a Department of the Interior insider named Becca provided when she called into The Shepard Ambellas Show in mid-August.

The department insider revealed that DoD internal has designated climate change as a threat to its operations and infrastructure and warned that something may be fast approaching.

“This I thought was really interesting–it came from DoD internal–it says that the DoD has designated climate change as a threat to operations and installations–so its buildings–and it’s partly due to quote-unquote ‘its damaging effects on infrastructure’ but here’s the thing ‘which could delay critical supplies or IT services,” she explained. “… we are not just talking power lines and such but buildings which I thought was strange.”

The whistleblower said that the DoD “saying that they are assessing risks related to climate change and extreme weather in regards to making sure that specific companies, those providing components to weapons systems, are supplied.”

“It just seems really weird… infrastructure… extreme weather which could delay components for weapons systems or supplies?” she questioned. “So I was like, weapons systems?”

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Original Article:https://www.intellihub.com/tsunami-waves-will-swamp-washington-coast-seattle-subduction-zone-quake-simulation-shows/

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