Story Of Deliverance: The Story Of Baby- “My Father Sold Me Into Satanism”

This Event Begins in April 2020

I received a text message from a local Chaplain describing a woman who got saved a couple years ago, but recently had a resurgence of demons from her past.  This woman was born into Satanism.  All the previous contracts and agreements she previously agreed to resurfaced, demanding their property back.  We will refer to this woman as “Baby.”

This woman lived a life none of you could fathom in your worst dreams.  Her father was a High Priest in the Satanic Church.  She was first raped at four years old and sold as a child prostitute.  She was married to the spirit Legion in a ritual ceremony at six years of age; the same ceremony was used to inaugurate her serving as her father’s wife.  She had her first two children by her father when she was 12 and 13 years old, making her sons her brothers.  As per her testimony, at 13 she witnessed a human baby being ritually sacrificed on her father’s altar and ran for her life.  She is the victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse and suffers from severe spiritual fragmentation.

Satanism destroyed every possible good image of God for Baby, intentionally. All of the potentially good images of the Father and Jesus were bastardized and destroyed through her experiences through Theistic Satanism.

This woman was taken in by the Chaplain five days prior to my receiving Chaplain’s text message for help. The full version of this account, to include the names of the Chaplain and Baby as well as pictures, are included in the version written for my ministry’s prayer partners; however, these will not be included in this public publication to protect the identity of the Chaplain, Baby and her surviving family members (not connected to Satanism directly).  The following is a day-by-day account of the activities from my perspective as Jesus allowed me to see them. I have corroborated with Chaplain to ensure the accuracy of these accounts.  This account begans in or leading into April 2020, but does not include all the details of the deliverance, only highlights.  This event is being released to glorify the power Jesus has over evil and the mercy He shows to ANYONE who calls on His name. If you have any questions about the content of these journaled entries, feel free to contact me. Share this account as you feel led.

Day 1

During this time of “quarantine” I felt the overwhelming need to leave my house and go to my “spot” and seek Jesus.  This caused me to check my “Project” phone (which was turned off in my car) and I found a text message from a local Chaplain I had met just months prior.  I responded and Chaplain told me about possession and manifestations, so I went over to help.  I arrived and a woman was “dazed-out” on the Chaplain’s couch, with her head laying straight back, eyes open but looking dead.  Chaplain and I spoke about the woman’s situation. I said, “Okay. Let’s pick a fight” and we started praying. As soon as we began, she (it) woke-up immediately, vocalizing its disdain for us.  I heard the word “Rape” in my spirit, I called out that demon and it turned turned the woman’s head to me sharply, with a scowl. At this point, I knew we were in business.  He told me his name was Lucifer and he had the rights to her – he was not Lucifer by the way. He said he loves her, married her, and that she belongs to him.  I anointed the woman’s head with oil, prayed in the Holy Spirit, the woman went out, and Jesus took over for a while.  We picked a fight and knocked down the hornet’s nest. 2 1/ 2 hours later we were finished, Rape was gone, the woman was in her right mind and I met her for the first time.  She said, “Who are you?” so I introduced myself. I think she was embarrassed and asked “What do you see when you look at me?”  I thought for a second and said, “A baby.” We all laughed as I followed that statement with “Look, my wife and I have seven babies.  I love babies.”  I left that night thinking we were done.

Day 2

This morning the Chaplain told me since our intercession, Baby’s demons accelerated their attempts to kill her.  Last night Baby left the house and tried to walk out into traffic.  So, I went back for round two and we started administering prayer again.  The demons used Baby’s hands and tried to choke her out as we prayed for her.  We targeted “death” and “suicide,” then Jesus led me to attack those “who entered at the altar.”  I did, got a sharp look from a possessed “Baby.”  The entity speaking to me told me “There were many of us who entered at the altar,” “We are never going to leave” and “We will kill her.”  She got sick, something came out and we experienced more and more deliverance, but I wasn’t as excited as I was the day before.  This woman had been forced to make so many contracts and marriages there would seem to be no end to the amount of demons this woman had housed-up inside of her.

Day 3

After each deliverance session she is herself for a while then she drifts back into dark places.  She has never remembered my arrival, but comes to when the demons go and is herself when I leave.  The Chaplain says it’s like one goes out and another comes up.  When I asked Baby about being “taken away” she said “They come and take me to a safe place.”  Jesus revealed to me that this is a counter intelligence tactic; good cop bad cop.  The one demon acts as a protector to keep the line open for the main offender.  To me today was greater than the previous days.  Despite the demon’s defiance we reached a point of release, a lot of puking, pain in the stomach area, and then the spirit came out with a scream.  This sounds crazy and I have never heard of anything like this before, but before the final throw the demon said “No, there he is.” In this moment I understood that this demon was looking at Satan. The one he would have to report to in failure, where there is torture found for failure. The spirit begged to stay but was gone in an instant.  More seemed to come up and out after the first, one after another. She was straight for about an hour, but after all that I got discouraged again.  Before I left her eyes were already shifty and she was showing signs of darkness. We’ll see what happens overnight.

Day 4

I woke-up today and I felt as if the Holy Spirit was telling me I didn’t have to go to the Chaplain’s house today.  We spoke on the phone and Chaplain told me Baby still has attachments.  These demons are hard to overcome because Baby still wants to believe her father loved her despite his horrible abuse.  She would say “He bought me a beautiful red dress.”  We found later that he used the red dress to sell her as a sex slave to two older men who ravaged her and left her bloody and bruised inside and out.  She told us that she was being prepped to take over her father’s position when she grew-up (pedigree High Priestess).  This is a common story in this lifestyle. I have read and listened to lectures about these high-level theistic Satanic pedigree families; but Baby is the first one I’ve ever met.  The Chaplain is awesome at keeping her prayed over and ministers to her night and day, speaking peace and truth into her spirit.  My position in this team effort is exclusively deliverance.  So far I have spent a couple hours – give or take – a day with Chaplain and Baby.  When I get there we go into deliverance mode and the screaming, praying, and puking begins.  It’s a crazy site I’m sure.  Thank you Jesus for giving us the opportunity to serve You in the process of winning Your daughter back from Satan.  We willingly stand in the line of fire for Your purpose.

Day 5

Today was the first day Baby remembered me walking in the door.  She was herself the entire visit.  Before I got there I thought I heard the Spirit tell me to break some generational curses, but Baby was not in agreement.  So, in my estimation, none of her curses can be broken unless she comes into agreement, repents and forgives.  We then break them and replace them with the blessings of Jesus.  I wouldn’t go forward and the Chaplain wasn’t happy, but we prayed anyway and Jesus still worked out some deliverance.  I left and received this email from Chaplain later in the night of Day 5:

After you left today […] Maggie manifested. I had never met her before nor had [Baby] ever spoke about her. She was attached to that death curse and presented to [Baby] (I learned later) as her friend. [Baby] never revealed her because she didn’t want to let her go. When she manifested she shared how much she couldn’t stand [Baby] and on and on. When [Baby] came back I told her what Maggie said. Maggie had bragged about being there during one of [Baby’s] most painful memories and said she was going to kill [Baby] and the baby. It broke [Baby’s] heart. She had really thought Maggie was her friend. After the tears she declared that Maggie had to go. She issued the eviction notice herself. Her eyes are opening and she is beginning to see things more clearly. 

Maggie is the Demon who had played the part of Baby’s best friend for twenty-four years!  Maggie would take Baby “away” to a “dark, peaceful” place (in this context, “dark” and “peaceful” don’t go together BTW; like a Satanic oxymoron) while other unspeakable things would happen to her, in the natural, throughout her lifetime.  For example, this is the same demon who would take her away while another one would try to choke her out and kill her right in front of us.  This demon bragged about how it was present when Baby was ravaged on the altar by her Bio-Dad and being sold-out to Satan while doing NOTHING!  What a friend, right? The most remarkable happening here is, Baby was so hurt about this lifelong deception that SHE served Maggie her eviction papers and delivered herself from Maggie on Day 5!  Amen?

Day 6

This has been a confusing battle and demons are always liars; however, at 8:00 am this morning, I received a text from Chaplain saying “…They have indicated that they are all here today and my spirit senses the battle is different.  It seems to me that there is a strategy to no longer focus on hurting [Baby], but I suspect a plan to hurt me.”  I expected an all-out battle when I got there, but it was quite the contrary.  When I got there we talked about the Bible, more about her life, her new understanding about the lies she had been dealt for a lifetime and her new relationship with Jesus.  It was rather pleasant.  After we talked about certain issues for a while we went into a moment of prayer.  It wasn’t high-charged like before, but Jesus still showed-up and did His thing.  She let go a couple more demons.  Jesus is so awesome!  To me the feeling was good, not like before.  I do not know if we are close to the end yet, but I know that Chaplain isn’t giving up on her, nor am I.  Today we laughed, cried, and Baby prayed to Jesus for the first time.  It was pretty amazing.

Day 7

I didn’t go today, but Chaplain told me there are still voices.  These are giving her a hard time mentally and physically.  I am learning that the voices – at least SOME of them – are not demons, but curses.  Previously Baby had admitted that a lot of the voices were far away.  Jesus gave me the image of an old, long, abandoned hospital hallway, where the indistinct voices of people talking far away could be faintly heard, but no one could be seen.  There were many open doors in the hallway, those rooms needed to be cleared and the doors closed through prayer.  Funny how the enemy uses external weapons also.  Today, Baby’s daughter (one of two subsequent children, not by her father) let Baby know through a friend that she has a new grandchild and that Baby would never get to see it, or the other grandchildren ever again.  Satan is ruthless.

Day 8

Amy, manifested today.  Chaplain hasn’t “met” Amy yet.  We will see who this is.

Day 9

This morning Chaplain texted me, “Last night Baby had another hard night, but this morning she made the choice to live.”  This is a first!  I went over intending to work on generational curses, and ended up working on breaking pacts, oaths, etc.

Baby showed me a picture of her, four years old, in that same red dress her father purchased her…to prostitute her in, to two grown men, as they ravaged her, beat her unmercifully, and left her for dead as her grandmother waited outside the door.  This happened many times, but this particular time is hard for her to let go.  She was mad because they tore and bloodied the red dress her father purchased her.  She is now broken because she totally understands that her father only purchased her the dress to prostitute her out because “they paid good money for me.”  She also showed me a picture of her and her father’s sons (her brothers).  The tormentors are using these memories to gain access to her and hurt her.  The night before last her father showed-up, while she was asleep, and he and others were kicking and beating her.  She is still tormented through these blood pacts and ties.  Somehow these people – or the demons behind them – still have access to her through the connection made to them thru rituals.  The Chaplain discerned that her blood was still in the mouths of all those who partook in the ceremonies concerning her flesh and blood (a bastardization of our Communion with Jesus).  Baby is fragmented and these entities still have access to her because of these rituals.  We broke the pacts and oaths made through the blood, flesh and sexual impurity. We commanded all the parts of Baby – that were still in the mouths of others – to be brought back to Baby and asked Jesus to put her back together.  We also commanded the parts of others – that which she had in her mouth through rituals – to be sent back to them and severed any ties to Baby from the outside in Jesus’ name.

Day 10

Morning:  Last night I was feeling as if it’s time to go for the root, curse this tree and let its fruit die.  Amazingly the Chaplain’s text this morning said “…when he [the strongman] manifests, he sends shivers down my spine.”  He is manifesting so his time is short.  I will go over this afternoon.

Afternoon: Many more things are surfacing now and another layer is shed from the onion every time we all get together.  I felt Jesus had turned me on to these key words; fire, cauldron, 6 years old, marriage, sword touching the fire, wedding, the one who came through the fire.  These words are all part of the story Baby tells about getting married to “Satan” – or whoever this being is [the strongman]. We are waiting on discernment from the Holy Spirit.  She was six, bound to the altar, cut open at the stomach, everyone drank her blood, her father’s sword touched the fire, a “being” came up in the fire, she was married to that being at that time and he took residence in her body.  I felt Jesus leading me to pray against “the one who came through the fire,” but I didn’t see any external signs of deliverance as I expected this one to put up a huge fight.  I’m not sure he left, but Chaplain was praying over Baby’s head, saying “He’s in the head.”  Baby had been experiencing tremendous headaches and when we were done praying the headaches were gone.  Baby said she feels empty, but we will see.  I think this spirit is hiding.  The next thing we dealt with was a shadow demon that shows up, presses on her, or sits next to her.  When he arrives there is an aromatic scent that fills the room.  These beings are usually associated with night terrors, or have a sexual nature about them.  Many people would freak-out at this presence, but Baby has seen so much she says she’s only scared when the being passes by her face.  This one came in through Ouija board, séances, voodoo, palm reading, etc.; to which, she has done it all.  She willingly repented, renounced, and we broke the cords, attachments, chains, etc. and asked the Holy Spirit to fill those places back up with Him.  Today was good, but I’m not sold that the strong man is gone.

Day 11

Today we only had limited time.  We sat down and got right to business.  I felt as if I was hearing “reboot” like a computer.  We came into agreement and began to pray for a system reboot for Baby’s person.  As we were praying the name “Amy” came to mind and we shifted to prayer against Amy.  Amy began to manifest in Day 8 as one with an assignment to kill Baby; her and those under her authority with the same sub-assignments.  Amy began manifesting, but as Chaplain called it, she was “slick.”  She lied, played in and out of Baby’s personality, and resisted us.  Amy was a tough one and in the end Amy tried once more to complete her assignment.  Amy got Baby’s back up off the couch sitting straight-up and I noticed her looking for something rapidly.  She reached out and grabbed a pencil on the coffee table and began jabbing it into Baby’s arm.  I grabbed her arm, she shifted the pencil from one hand to the other and began jabbing into the other arm.  Chaplain grabbed the other arm and we wrestled the pencil from her, bound her and finished the deliverance.  For twenty plus years Baby said she has never lived a day without knowing of Amy’s presence.  Until today.  There is still more work to do.  We only go as far as the Spirit allows us every day.  Also, Baby will tell us “I’m done” after a sessions full of puking out demons. Because of these things, I know there is co-authorship of will over this deliverance. We only go as far as Jesus or Baby will let us, then we know the session is over.

In the beginning of all this Jesus told me we needed to protect the wheat (Baby is the wheat) and her life was to be intended to Glorify Him.

Day 12

I went over to Chaplains this afternoon and Baby seems well; so good, we didn’t even pray for her.  I went home to cook dinner.  About four hours later I received a text from Chaplain asking if I could come back.  When I arrived Baby was “taken away” on the couch like the first time I ever saw her; for me, a very discouraging site with all we’ve been through.  When I sat down Chaplain told me she went out after I left and had been like this for four hours.  While we were talking Baby came too, but she wasn’t Baby.  I asked “Who are you?”  She replied “Little Girl.”  I asked “What’s your name?”  She said “Little Girl.”  After her second answer she went back down again and Baby went back out.  She was showing off and I got mad.  For the first time during this whole series of events I got angry.  Chaplain was holding Baby calling for her to come back, but I got loud and said, “No, I don’t want to talk to Baby.  Little Girl, get up here now!”  She came back.  I asked her “When did you enter Baby?”  Amazingly she told me “April 13 XXXX.”  Baby was 2 years and 3 months old when this demon entered.  Baby later told me that Little Girl would appear to her as a little girl, offering a hand to “take her away” from whatever horrible things were happening in her life.  Baby would accept the hand and be whisked away to spiritual places where other horrible things would happen to her.  Little Girl was not little and not a girl – some refer to this as shape-shifting.  In the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ I made her go.  After she left Baby coughed up a couple more who left after Little Girl.  As Baby was cleaning-up a little I was listening to Jesus, writing on my paper and Jesus said “Fire.”  I wrote it down on the paper and drew a house around it.  Then it clicked.  In my mind I thought “The one who entered through the fire…at the wedding.  His name is “Fire” (Day 10).  He’s still in her house!”  Jesus was letting me know He was giving me authority over Fire, to get him out.  I was still angry and called Fire.  He came up and looked at me.  I said “Are you fire?”  He said yes.  I said “What’s your name?”  He said “I told you, ‘Fire.’ Are you going to ask when I entered too [sarcastically]?”  I did and he gave me the date.  We later confirmed the date with Baby to be her sixth birthday, when she was married to “Satan” on the altar.  When I got the information I began to command him out.  The Holy Spirit asked me “What’s the opposite of fire?”  I knew immediately to call down Living Waters from heaven to quench this “Fire.”  I sent it into every room in the “house” to flood him out.  I thought “The One Who Entered at the Altar” was going to be a tough fight, but he left easily.  After all this was over I asked Baby, “Is Little Girl gone?”  She said “Yes, gone.”  I asked the same of Fire.  She said, “Gone.”  This was a big night for Baby, but probably a bigger night for me.  I had been growing discouraged.  Why is this taking so long?  Deliverance has never taken this long.  Jesus showed-up big tonight and I think we all needed it.

Day 13

I went over today and Baby was doing well.  No Little Girl and no Fire.  She has known these entities all her life and is amazed at waking-up and them not being there.  Amen?  Chaplain always has Contemporary Christian music playing in the background.  Today Baby told me she hears the Christian music clearer; implying she can understand the message coming through. That’s awesome!  We didn’t feel the need to do any praying today even though she says there are still a few voices.  Nothing like before.  Chaplain asked her if we needed to do any “work” today and she said “No!”  Chaplain says there’s a time of dancing coming.  Pray we are close.

Day 14

Wow, what a day.  As per Baby, all the previous one’s are gone like Amy, Wendy, Little Girl, Racheal, etc.  These she explained as “Bullies,” or a sort of first tier as I understood it.  She admitted to naming these beings.  They appear to her in a form that’s familiar, or friendly, she accepts them and names them; then when they get her to where they are taking her they change, or shift into their real form.  I also realized today, we have gone way beneath the surface on this deal with Baby.  She admitted that Legion left a couple days ago, the day I suspected multiple demons leaving with a scream (Day 3).  Today we cast out a couple and she told us “The little ones are all gone, these are bigger (the one’s talking to her now).  They protect ‘him’ and they are really bad.”  We didn’t know who “him” was, then Beelzebub surfaced (not Satan.  Beelzebub is not Satan).  I was astonished at the name and recognized immediately “We are getting into Biblically named level demons here.”  She has been sold out to some high level entities.  She was being honest when she told us that her family are High Level Satanist.  Beelzebub told me he entered March 22, XXXX.  He was placed in Baby through a ritual when she was only 2 ½ months old.  Wow.  After Baby came to, even she was astonished at this information.  I’ve only seen one other demon look at me in the past the way Beelzebub looked at me today.  He wanted to kill me.  We had a good day of deliverance.  A couple days ago the demons started “ripping my insides” as they came out of Baby, causing great pain, so I started commanding them not to hurt her as they were coming out and the pain stopped.  Beelzebub wasn’t trying to come out easy so Chaplain stopped and I started claiming all the awesome attributes of Jesus, out loud, almost singing it, laughing, joyfully.  He tried to hurt Baby physically, we subdued her arms and bound him spiritually.  Eventually he came out, she threw-up, and everything calmed down.  We’re not done.  Beelzebub was not THE strong man.  There are still voices, but they are getting less and less, amen?  The Holy Spirit’s been giving me these names over the last week or so.  One is “Beast” and the other is “Dragon.” I can’t get these names out of my head; like “Fire,” but then eventually he surfaced and got evicted.  After Beelzebub left, I was asking questions, Baby seemingly went into a trance and started talking about another.  I took notes on my paper as she explained him, “He is bad, really big, and rules over the others.  He comes in fire with hooves and horns.  He breathes smoke.  He’s part man and part animal; or something, I don’t know.  He is the leader in all the rituals.  Legion was the only one higher.”  This might be the Beast!

Day 15

I want you to know I am not writing these things to be prideful or to get any kind of praise.  I am not a “look at me” guy.  Jesus told me to begin writing the accounts of my ministry in November 2018.  I am publishing this for His glory and there is NOTHING I could do in any of these situations on my own account.  He has given me authority to work in this office for the purpose of executing His will through The Work of this ministry.  Now, on to the day’s work.

I got to Chaplain’s house today and we got right to work.   I couldn’t get rid of the thought of the “Beast” and initiated the conversation immediately.  Baby began to describe this Beast to me again.  I could tell the mere recollection of this creature caused her fear.  I was trying to hear something from Jesus on this character and asked Baby for more information, perhaps something she said would trigger who this person is.  She gave me all the same characteristics from yesterday with a few new ones: she said he had a “goat-like” head and stomped his feet or hooves.  I remembered he was the head of all the rituals, so I asked, “He demands human sacrifice right?  Baby sacrifice?”  She said “Yes!” and it all came together in my head.  This Beast is Moloch.  Moloch is more bull than goat. In history Moloch has reigned in areas of the world and demanded child sacrifice.  At one time the nation of Israel also sacrificed their children on the burning hands of Moloch.  I have studied the belief that he is the god over the woman’s right to choose movement in America…abortion.  Think about it, every baby aborted in the name of “woman’s health” is murder and sacrifice in the hidden name of Moloch.  And he has received worship and sacrifice through this unholy ritual of abortion.  When I described what I understood of Moloch and how his image has been historically represented, she confirmed, “That’s him.”  Baby told me she never knew he was there (spiritually attached to her), she only noticed him at the rituals.

Moloch is the pagan demigod son of Baal. Also known as Milcom or Molech, Moloch is the Canaanite god of war and child sacrifice. This statue was placed at the entrance of the Colosseum in Rome on Sept. 27, 2019.

We didn’t waste any time.  I began to call Moloch up from hell and he came immediately.  He looked at me in anger and disgust.  Amazingly, he snorted between talking as he recited the usual stuff and told me “I’m not coming out” and “She belongs to me,” etc.  I asked when he came in (entered Baby).  He told me “I’ve always been here.  She’s mine.”  He began using her physically to fight, I bound him in Jesus name, and called for God’s angels of deliverance to help us in the fight.   I asked again and Moloch told me he came in, in utero, at conception.  This could only mean that the very act of sex itself was a ritual in itself.  Baby was the High Priest’s only child (at that time).  Even during all the orgies, he would keep himself “pure” in order to produce an heir to his throne…this heir was supposed to be Baby, the first born. Do you see the parallels Christian: “pure,” “heir,” “throne,” “first born,” etc., all blasphemies of the Christ Jesus.  By the way, I do not condone having a conversation with these liars, but I do demand intelligence from them that will help me remove them from their host.

Moloch expressed ownership, so we renounced his ownership and broke it, because he stole what he had.  He wasn’t coming out though.  In the middle of the deliverance Baby came back to us, crying, and confessed that she had killed babies during the rituals.  She confessed to having abortions.  She said, “I’m just like him.  I’ve killed babies.”  She was a mess.  We told her to ask for forgiveness, to which she did.  After that, Moloch came out immediately.  She then had a short period of exiting smaller demons (minions) subservient to Moloch, but it’s forgiveness that ultimately broke him.  Amen.  Baby said in excitement, “HE’S GONE!”  Then in pain, “There’s a big hole in my stomach.”  Just like yesterday with Beelzebub, we called down the Living Waters of heaven to fill the empty spot with the Holy Spirit.

We have claimed that when this is over we are all going to dance.  Legion, Beelzebub, Moloch and who knows how many minions have left over the last two weeks.  We are all happy, but as those two were hugging and laughing, I started thinking about “Dragon.” Are we done?  I told them to see how the night goes.  If there is a Dragon, his nature will be to retaliate.  Jesus told me they all have to go, or the remnant will work together to bring all of them back.  Baby said there are still whispers down the hallway, but nothing like ever before.  I prayed to myself, “Whatever is left, let it expose itself over night.”  I’m not leaving anything.  The mission is not complete unless all the enemies are destroyed, just like the Hebrews taking back the land of Canaan.

In the Chaplain’s house I have stood strong in the face of a myriad of named and nameless demons leaving this woman. Then onto Legion, Beelzebub, and now Moloch.  On the way home, feeling overwhelmed, talking to Jesus, I pulled over and the thought came to me, “Not everyone can say they’ve come face-to-face and talked with Legion, Beelzebub, and Moloch.”  All of my strength left me and I began to cry, thanking Jesus for his protection and for this ministry.  I love this job!!!

Next, we wait to see if Dragon shows-up, we break the authority of her father and grandmother, and I’m smashing those spiritual places they built to torture her in!

Day 16

Last night I received the message that Baby was not okay.  This morning I woke-up early and Jesus was telling me things about the day.  I text some of that message to Chaplain, who replied “She is in a lot of pain.  Can you come earlier?”  So, I did.

When I got there Baby started telling me about the extreme pain in her head and how she was hearing mumbling or chanting.  Okay, but first, I’m a weird dude so I had to get something straight in my own head.  I know what Moloch looks like because of the images made in his honor around the world and throughout history, but I didn’t know what Legion looked like.  I suggested to her that I believed Legion to be like a wall or mass of heads, because he is one demon, but many in one.  She said, “Yes, that’s exactly what he looks like.”  Wow, that is so amazing to me.  Back to the deliverance.

Jesus told me “Dragon” days ago, so I asked Baby about a dragon.  She didn’t know anything about a dragon.  So I told her I would have to send her back to those rituals she said Legion, Beelzebub and Moloch were at and look for another character.  She started thinking.  Yesterday Baby went into a trance reciting information that today she only remembered giving me a little of.  I believe the Holy Spirit was arming me for today’s battle with that intelligence.  So, this morning I noticed her in that same trance state.  She was in and out of the trance and giving me deeper information.  This demon’s presence and image has been cloaked from her natural mind as the memory of the Beast (Moloch) was, but the Holy Spirit opened her mind and she started to remember him and describe him to us.  “He is a reptilian, with a long tail, and green-yellow scales” she said.  She described his arms as T-Rex like with talons.  He had a long forked tongue and hot breath, but his presence made her very cold.  As she was describing him, she became fearful and he started manifesting.  Before he totally came to the surface, I told her I was going after him today and asked her permission to do so.  She was scared, but she said with affirmation, “I want to be all the way free.”

I called Dragon, and when he came up through Baby I said “Who are you?”  He looked at me through the corner of her eyes as if not to give me his full attention and said “Dragon.”  I asked, “What is your name?”  He snapped his head around, looked at me full-on and said, “You can call me what you have been calling me.  Dragon.”  He wasn’t giving me his name.  I still don’t know who this demon is.  Perhaps I should have fought for his identity; nonetheless, he was the highest level demon put in her by her father.  Baby told me – in her trance – he would show up at the rituals and do whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted to do it to.   She said Dragon was the only one her father would kneel before.  As he was present in her, Baby kept nonchalantly tapping two fingers on the table in front of her.  While she was doing this I thought, “How strange that she would do this right now.”  Later Jesus pointed out to me that it was not Baby, but Dragon who was tapping his two talons on the table as we were praying against him.

I have learned that a minister of deliverance needs one or a combination of a couple things to call a demon out for battle.  Perhaps I need to learn more, but this is where Jesus has me right now.  First, the authority has to come from Jesus or said minister of deliverance is looking for trouble.  Then one of the following: the demon’s name, when he entered, or by what he does to the person.  In this case I didn’t have the name and he wasn’t giving it, but going off of what had happened already I was pretty sure Jesus had my back on this deal.  Dragon wasn’t coming out.  Like yesterday, I began thinking what could the issue be?  Yesterday the problem was forgiveness.  Suddenly, Jesus put it in my mind.  Dragon was having sex with her and others ritually.  I called Baby back and asked her, “Baby, did he have sex with you?”  She burst out in tears and admitted that “Yes, he had sex with me” and alluded to some of the unmentionable things he had done to her.  She was broken and full of shame.  We consoled her and led her to ask for forgiveness, even though she didn’t put herself into that position.  She did so as she wept uncontrollably.  I don’t know why she had to ask for forgiveness, but she had too.  And when she did, I knew then I had to hit areas of unchurchiness.  I had to get dirty and speak on the level of what he did to her to fully rebuke him.  Deliverance ain’t pretty, and – sometimes – neither am I.  I was mad about what Dragon did to her.  I called him out, the way it is:  “You rapist!”  I called him out mentioning the detestable things he had done to Baby (four years old at the time).  “You never should have been there, and now she is rejecting you!”  At this time Baby spoke up as she was getting sick and said, “You gotta go.”  Powerful!!!  We have been joking about a term Baby’s been using the last couple sessions, “Kick Rocks.”  So, Chaplain, Baby and I were all in accord and Dragon began to come out of her.  We told him to kick rocks in the name of Jesus; Baby laughing and puking at the same time.  She knew he was coming out!!!  Freedom was close, Amen!

She stopped puking.  I waited anxiously, eyes wide, staring at her, motionless.  I was hoping to God he was gone. Her eyes were closed and suddenly she said frantically, “I feel like a sponge, there are holes everywhere.”  I didn’t like that, but we prayed the Holy Spirit in to do the work of filling and completing her.   I asked “Why no big hole like the last couple times?”  She said “I don’t know,” as her eyes opened and she smiled and said “but he’s gone!”  She got so excited and I have never seen her smile like that before.  We asked her, “Do you hear any voices?”  She had to wait a minute and said “No.  I have had these voices my whole life.  I had to stop and listen to make sure nothing was there.”  We smacked high-five and as per her report, she is totally free.  I suggested waiting overnight, if there are no attacks we are in the clear.  We all agreed.  Finally, we broke the authority of her father and grandmother from her.  I spiritually sent a wrecking ball into the places the lower-level demons used to take her away to, and now we may be done.

This could be the last time I write you about Baby.  Exciting!  As per what Chaplain said a while back, “When this is all over I’m going to dance.”   If Baby still has no voices tomorrow I am making one more trip and we are going to dance before Jesus.

Day 17

Morning.  I was nervous, but this morning I got the all clear from Chaplain.  No voices all night.  She wasn’t taken away all night.  I went over to dance. When I got there we started dancing and something triggered in Baby.  She was made to dance in front of men at the rituals, just a baby, seductively, before the sexual rituals would begin. She started crying and went into the arms of Chaplain.  I was VERY discouraged, then something was on her chest.  Chaplain discerned that it was “nothing big,” no voices, and she was never taken away, so I left, disappointed.  I drove away thinking this is the beginning of her life restoration process.  She has experience so much trauma, torture, and the satanic ritual abuse has been so harsh on her she is going to be triggered in the future and I am hoping that nothing finds its way back in.  She may have to learn how to navigate around these triggers and learn how to run to Jesus for His protection under His cover.  If you are interested in learning more about satanic ritual abuse, or SRA, this is the best website I have found on the topic.

10:18 pm tonight.  I just got a message from Chaplain.  Something else is there.  We are back to work tomorrow.  I’m very discouraged!!!

Day 18

This morning I woke-up at 6:30 to Jesus giving me info about this new problem.  He said something like this, “Cast the one who entered through the trigger of dancing, close that door, then go through and close all doors established through SRA (satanic ritual abuse).”  He also gave me the thought of the movie Monsters IncMonsters Inc. is a children’s animated movie about “monsters” creating “doors” (spiritual doorways, portals) into human reality to frighten children and steal their “scream power.”  Sadistic plot isn’t it?  We won’t talk about what “scream power” is here, but in the monster’s factory they produce “doors” which, when opened, take the trained monster straight into the targeted child’s bedroom while the child is sleeping.  A couple monsters befriend a child named Boo and in the end the “door” to her room is destroyed, eliminating the spiritual access to her forever.

Chaplain texted me at 8:30 this morning telling me that neither one of them slept very well and Baby complained of nightmares, so bad she couldn’t go back to sleep.  Chaplain also told me this demon manifested and introduced itself as Annie.  I gave Chaplain the short version of what Jesus told me when I woke-up.  Chaplain asked me if I could come over and do this since “…you received the instruction.”  I prayed and Jesus told me no.  So, I am not supposed to be in this fight today for whatever reason.  I am praying for Chaplain.

In relation to Annie, or whoever this demon is who entered through the “door” (the established SRA trigger), its “door” needs to be destroyed.  All the doors produced as a result of SRA need to be destroyed so the monsters have no legal right to come through and harm her again.

Day 19

Two nights ago (late night Day 17) Jesus told me I wasn’t going back to Chaplain’s house for Baby in the context I have been.  I didn’t write this and thought, “I can’t be hearing this right.”  I can now see why He was telling me this. Yesterday He told me I couldn’t go and today I had a family type emergency.  Nothing big, no worries.

Baby was reopened to a couple attachments that came back in through the SRA trigger.  Chaplain believes some of the things going on now are non-spiritual, but I’m not sure we agree on this.  Annie surfaced as a result of the trigger and there may be a “Shadow” we never dealt with.  I also just learned that Baby’s therapist has determined that Baby needs to re-enter her previous living environment; this is very toxic by the way.  The therapist is very excited because of the advancements Baby has made in the last month; however, the therapist is not a believer and would never understand what she went through.

I’m not worried. Jesus has led me to feel there is a little clean-up work to do and we’re done.  Chaplain and I agreed to get together soon for a “debrief” discussion and plan the final work – what Jesus gave me at 6:30 am on Day 18.  I am trusting Jesus, that He has His daughter in His hands.  I am not as worried about her as I was a couple days ago.  This is by far the most complex deliverance I have ever been involved in.  We cast so many demons out of this woman.  We went down layer-by-layer, all the way down to demons whose names are listed in the Bible, very strongmen, down to the root (Dragon).  Amazing!  Jesus did all that, so I have to believe he will protect her until we can get together and finish the work.  I consider this work to be a huge success and a learning experience for me at least and I am thankful that Jesus led me to be a part of this.

A highly respected friend of mine in my ministry’s forum questioned why I am giving these demons a platform by sharing this information.  My answer is this; I am not giving these demons a platform.  I am ripping the platform from underneath them.  Satan works so subtlety and in the shadows that most Christians don’t even know he’s operating freely in their lives.  THAT gives him a platform!  My job and this ministry is designed to expose and destroy the works of the enemy.

Day 29

Jesus told me I was done going to Chaplain’s to pray for Baby for about a week now, but a very nasty demon named “Maggie” (Day 5) came back in during the “triggered” event of dancing.    Jesus told me whoever came back in had to go and all “SRA Triggers” had to be destroyed, but He hasn’t answered me when I’ve asked about going back.  Some of you might be saying, “Just go back,” but He doesn’t work like that with me.  Jesus gives the authority and I have to default back to the last command I heard from Him.  Also, Chaplain keeps asking when I can come back to finish the work, but understands that Jesus is the boss.  Baby is living back in her toxic household, but comes back over to Chaplain’s house for comforting and the hope of final deliverance.  So, this morning I opened my eyes and my very first thought was, “Baby self-delivered herself from Maggie.  Baby was never delivered from Maggie.  Maggie left voluntarily and came back through the trigger.  There was no self-deliverance.”  I kept praying in the shower and Jesus gave me the green flag to go back.  I will report what I have learned about not being able to go back once He fully reveals it, if He wants me to.

The Final Piece to the Puzzle

Day 31

Reading this is going to bend your church taught understanding of the supernatural realm.  Your theology is going to be challenged.  I have read and listened to lectures about some of this stuff in the past, believed it, but just couldn’t put it together in my head.  I cannot possibly put everything that happened today in this writing, but if you have any questions about any of this information, there are three witnesses to the validity of the things I have written to you: Baby, Chaplain and myself.  Also, most importantly, the Holy Spirit testifies as a witness. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions.

This deliverance experience was about solving the puzzle.  Being a sleuth, finding the answers: who, what, when, where and how.  Most demons aren’t going to tell you everything.  We’ve got to figure them out so they can be legally removed; otherwise, they can cling onto the legitimacy of their presence.  I am happy to report that, today, Baby is totally free.  From conception (ritual) until today she has been bound by some of the nastiest demons out there.  Here is the final chapter to My Father Sold Me into Satanism.

When I walked in to Chaplain’s home today Baby was not “taken away,” fully aware and Chaplain’s neck was obviously in pain.  I asked about it because it hit me peculiar.  Chaplain waived it off as sleeping funny, but Jesus wasn’t allowing that to settle right with me. I wasn’t sure why it unsettled me and we moved on to Baby.

I knew today was going to be the last day!  Jesus put that in my spirit.  I wasn’t sure how, but I knew it and I began by approaching Baby in that tone.  After small talk, I brought up the topic of Maggie and could see her trying not to manifest.  I got Maggie to fully come out and asked her how she got back in Baby.  She confirmed she was never cast out and added “I’m never leaving.”  I’m not sure of how truthful she was about what she told me, so I asked Maggie about her beginning with Baby.  She responded to my questions and here are the main three points she made to me:  (1) “I came in at 3 years old,: (2) “…by way of her father (ritual),” and (3) “My assignment is to kill her.”  Maggie is a planted murderer.  I asked her, “Who’s you’re boss?”  She looked at me shaking her head “no” while laughing.  I renounced, rebuked, and bound, etc., all the ordinary stuff but she wasn’t coming out.  She then took Baby away while threatening and I grew frustrated.  I was praying to Jesus, we tried forgiveness (like before), but nothing was happening.  It was at that time that Chaplain said something brilliant about Baby’s father and it clicked; he’s in there!

Here’s where common doctrine gets thrown out the window.  I called her father out, he answered and came to the surface.  Baby’s dad’s name is XXXXX.  XXXXX died years ago. He was a nasty spirit and a terrible father.  I asked him, “Who are you” thinking he was a demon, impersonating Baby’s father.  He said “I’m her father” so I challenged, “You’re a demon acting like her father.”  He replied with a yell, almost insulted with anger “I’m her father!”  All those nights Baby stayed at Chaplain’s house, while Chaplain would hold her and pray for her, Chaplain discerned that XXXXX was attacking her from both inside her spiritual influence and out.  I don’t know if I understand how these things work, but Baby would have nightmares where her father would show up and physically hurt her.  I was mad at XXXXX for many reasons.  I asked him sarcastically, “So after all your life’s work, how you feeling about where you’re at right now?”  He cut his eyes and never answered me.  I started thinking about the grandmother at this point.  XXXXX looked at me (through Baby’s eyes) and I looked into her eyes.  I saw Baby’s grandmother!  I yelled out immediately, “Grandmomma, you in there too? Come out here!”  As soon as I said it, she manifested.  They were both hiding in Baby, tormenting her.  The father was nasty, but G-momma, she was straight evil.  G-momma laughed at me and told me, “We’re not letting her go.  She’s been mine since she was a baby.  We will always be a part of her.”  I looked at Chaplain almost laughing in disbelief and asked, “What do we do with this?   Do we renounce the relationship between Baby, her father, and her grandmother?”  It clicked! That’s exactly what we were supposed to do, so I did.  Side note – in the middle of our session Chaplain began to laugh and said “It was you (as we were addressing Maggie)!  You were hurting me too.”  Maggie was the one who was causing Chaplain pain in her neck for days since Jesus took me away from the situation.  We served G-momma a certificate of divorce, which was easy for Baby because she hated what her grandmother did to her – they weren’t friends.  When I did this, G-momma left the house!  Maggie left the house!  And all the little acquiescent demons left the house!  Baby got so sick, I commanded them not to hurt her on the way out (like before), and she became so tired.  They all came out…all but the father!

XXXXX was still there.  Baby came to and I challenged why she wasn’t letting him go.  It was the first time I felt Baby had been aggravated with me during this whole process.  Baby was holding on to the Idea “But he’s my father” which is true, but…he was using her.  I became vocal with her father, telling him “You’re no kind of father.”  He said again, “I am her father.”  I said, “You’ve been replaced by a better Father.  Her blood is not your blood any longer.  She’s had a blood transfusion with the God of creation, with the blood of Christ Jesus.  She’s been adopted into a better family than yours.  Right now, I’m more family to her than you are.  She’s not your daughter any longer.  You need to go!”  I told Baby to renounce her father.  She couldn’t understand how that worked.  Chaplain chimed in and suggested “Try renouncing the fact that he didn’t act as a father.”  Baby did and he started coming out.  We told him to kick rocks.  As Baby’s father was leaving he threatened “I will come back and torment her in her nightmares” and then he was gone.

We were on a roll, so I wasted no time.  I called out Annie.  I didn’t know who she was, but remembered Chaplain had discerned her a while back and said “I do not sense that she is a demon spirit.”  So what is she?  She came up right away.  She wasn’t threatening at all.  I asked her “What are you?”  She said like a child “I’m her fiend.”  Me [aggressive], “When did you come in here?”  Her [childlike and passive], “I was little.”  Me [agressive], “Who is your boss?”  Her [intimidated], “Baby.”   I fell back in my seat, unbelieveable!  This threw me for a loop.  We dealt with Beelzebub, Moloch, Dragon, Baby’s father and G-momma.  Now this?  I was thinking Annie might be an alternate personality.  She started talking about “She let me in a long time ago.  We play together and we’re friends.”  I calmed down, sat back up and told Annie calmly, “Annie, Jesus told me everybody has to go.  That means you too.”  She started crying like my four year old daughter.  Then Jesus reminded me why they all had to go.  I was hard with the others today and I sent them into the Abyss.  I didn’t want them coming back or attaching to anyone else.  Annie was a demon – or a spiritual child, fragmented part, etc. – but truly thought she was a four year old girl. I don’t understand it, but I gently told her I would send her to the feet of Jesus and He would do whatever was right with her.  Then I told her to go in the name of Jesus.  She didn’t fight, she just left.  I did my job and they were all gone.

We cleaned the day up with praying for the filling and protection of the Holy Spirit.  Chaplain was doing Chaplain’s thing with prayer and I placed my hand on Baby’s head and blessed it, asking for protection from nightmares.  Jesus led me to touch her lips and bless them to be used to honor God Almighty.  We talked about future protection.  Chaplain took the lead and destroyed any still-existing SRA triggers.   Maggie was holding onto the coattails of the agreement between Baby and her father and grandmother – so slick.  Baby’s father was using Baby’s love deficit to string her along and torment her.  We replaced the father XXXXX with The Father God.  And, by the way, Baby told us that the rooms Maggie took her to this time, she had never seen before.  So, when Jesus told me to smash (destroy) the rooms the demons were tormenting her in, in the other realm, her whole life…that happened.

Baby is totally free.  Rejoice in this with me.  Pray for her safety, sanctification, and happiness; for her story to be used to glorify God and His mighty power.  Amen!

Day 38

Tonight at 10:38 pm, I received a phone call from Chaplain telling me that Baby just died.  Chaplain received a phone call from one of Baby’s roommates alerting her.  The roommate told Chaplain that Baby was sitting in her recliner, the roommate looked over and Baby was dead.  She died peacefully.  Chaplain drove to the apartment, was questioned by the police, and everyone was waiting for the coroner.

Chaplain told me that earlier in the day Baby was crying and felt she had done something wrong against God to let Him down.  She was asking Him for forgiveness.  Later, she walked in the home, got in her chair and died shortly afterwards.

Baby had been planning on an era of reconciliation with her girls, maybe explaining her past, her new identity in Jesus, and attempting to be a part of her grandchildren’s lives.  Her two youngest children (not her and her father’s children) didn’t know anything about Baby’s past experience with Satanism, Baby’s father, or grandmother.  We knew it was going to be tough.  There is a lot of bad blood between the three and neither of her girl’s called her on Mother’s Day.

Chaplain verified earlier in the day before she died that there were no voices or anyone left in Baby’s “house” (possession), although we’ve known about a “baby” for a couple days.  Maybe more about this “baby” later as the Lord reveals to either Chaplain or myself, but right now we are not sure who this “baby” is.  I have a couple theories, but it is remarkable to note that Jesus had me answer her question, “What do you see when you look at me?” with “A baby,” from Day 1. I do have a couple theories: (1) Jesus’ mentioning to me about an antichrist spirit being in someone I was working with when I woke-up a couple days prior, and (2) Baby’s stunted Christian growth, revealed in the form of an infant baby, never able to grow.  Perhaps this is the baby Maggie was threatening to kill in Day 5.  Nothing has been confirmed to me by Jesus and neither Chaplain nor I felt as if this “baby” was threatening.  Baby herself claimed peace this morning on the phone with Chaplain – something she has NEVER been able to claim before the last couple of days.  I keep trying to close this story, but more keeps happening and Jesus keeps revealing more things to me.

So, Baby died free.  When I told my wife Baby died, she seemed so hurt by it.  I told her, “Don’t be upset.  Can you imagine her with Jesus right now and how she feels after the life she lived?  She’s happy!  She doesn’t want anything to do with this place ever again.”  God told me her story would glorify Him.  It won’t be out of her mouth now and it won’t be by either me or Chaplain pushing her story for our own glory.  I wonder what His plans are now.  In the beginning He told me to “protect the wheat.”  Baby was the wheat and we fought for her freedom.  Jesus honored that fight.  Pray for His will to be done and that He and He alone would be glorified with this story.

Today’s Public Release (2020.08)

On June 2, 2020 we received Baby’s autopsy report.  Even though she had a history of drug use (understood with what she’s lived through), there were no drugs found in her system.  It turns out Baby had an undiagnosed cardiovascular disease and died of a heart attack.  Jesus has been nudging me to release this story to the public.  The Chaplain is still not comfortable revealing identity and I am still protecting Baby’s identity for unspoken reasons as well as for the sake of her third and fourth children (not Baby’s and her father’s direct offspring).  I feel Jesus wants people to hear this story.  This is a story of liberation, life, and a testimony that Jesus can deliverer any of us from whatever pit, hole, hell, or torment we are stuck in.  Baby’s story was an extreme one.  Don’t be deceived and believe that you don’t need Salvation through Jesus Christ, because these tormentors are waiting for you.  Don’t allow the enemy to convince you (Christian) that you do not need deliverance from whatever you are going through in your life.  Jesus is THE Deliverer.  Call on His Name today!


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