Scrubbed: History Of Gates Foundation Sterilizing And Killing With HPV Vaccine In India And Africa

In this explosive interview independent journalist Ben Swann interviews filmmaker Mikki Willis, who just recently released Plandemic 2.

Mikki Willis, in his research for producing Plandemic, looked into the scandal in years past that occurred in India with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and other groups that they funded, in developing and testing the HPV vaccine, which resulted in up to a half million young girls in India becoming sterile.

Mr. Willis reveals that he began investigating this issue about 10 years ago, just prior to the birth of his first child, to better understand the history of vaccines.

Scrubbed From Internet History Of Gates Foundation Sterilizing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Young Girls In India With Hpv Vaccine

He was shocked to find out that many of the videos documenting this scandal in India had been scrubbed from the Internet, forcing him to go directly to sources in India to interview about what actually happened.

Health Impact News has been publishing the crimes of Bill Gates and the HPV scandal for several years as well.

Here are some previous articles we have done in the past about this scandal in India, as well as other crimes committed against the children of India which involved more than just the HPV vaccine:


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After the Gardasil HPV scandal, according to Mr. Willis, India kicked Bill Gates and all of the organizations tied to him for vaccine research and development out of India.

But today, they are apparently back in India testing COVID vaccines on unsuspecting poor people.

Italian Member Of Parliament Demands Arrest Of Bill Gates As A “Vaccine Criminal” For Pursuing Crimes Against Humanity

Watch the interview with Mikki Willis:

We have published hundreds of stories about Gardasil over the past few years, and not just personal stories of the vaccine’s effects, but also articles uncovering the corruption that allowed this vaccine to come to market, and published scientific studies, all outside the U.S., showing how dangerous this vaccine really is.

Images Of A Few Of The Women We Have Done Articles About Over The Years Who Had Their Lives Destroyed By The Hpv Vaccine. This Is Just A Sample.

Images of a few of the women we have done articles about over the years who had their lives destroyed by the HPV vaccine. This is just a sample.

Many countries, like Japan, do not recommend this vaccine any longer.

Original Article:

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