Researcher Targeted After Publishing Sanitized Photos Of Planet-Sized Object Near Sun

Planet X researcher, author, and YouTuber Scott C’one published what he attests are forensically sanitized screenshots taken of NASA coronagraph imagery that reveals what C’one claims could be the dense core of a dead star.

The well-educated scholar from Pittsburg appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Thursday where he said his entire life was turned upsidedown after he published sanitized images that appear to show an object approximately four and a half times the size of Jupiter drawing plasma from the sun through its own magnetic portal connection.

“I published those findings and I showed that video clip and from that point on my life has never been the same–and not in a good way–you know–in the worst ways,” C’one told Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas. “The whole trolling operation started aginst me–started against my family–it got pretty bad from 2016-17.”

C’one, who runs the website and has co-authored 12 books with Retired Professor of Physics Dr. Claudia Albers, says the FBI showed up to his house in July of 2018 and took him into custody for more than a week where C’one insists that agents interrogated and threatened him over the matter.

“I even had the FBI show up to my house on July First, Two-Thousand and Eighteen–and um yeah–they took me into custody for about twelve days,” he explained. “They basically laid out their threats — ‘don’t write any more books–get off YouTube–get off the Internet’ that kind of crap–and uh you know–as soon as I came back home we wrote a bunch of more books.”

The outspoken YouTuber admits law enforcement-grade forensic software was used to disseminate and clean up the screenshots but maintains the cleanup was conducted by someone else.

Additionally, C’one said that he discovered a recognizable pattern that pertains to the frequency and timing of the coronal mass ejections that C’one was able to track and document in a journal over the course of three years’ time.

Moreover, the Planet X Hunter also made it clear that we are currently in a solar minimum which, according to him, means that we should not be having CMEs to the magnitude that we have been.

“The sun has an eleven-year cycle–we are in a solar minimum now where there is very low solar activity–low sunspots–there shouldn’t be any coronal mass ejections but hell over the last, well let’s say, three years it has been crazy on the sun ,” he said.

Listen to The Shepard Ambellas Show #40: Planet X with special guest Scott C’one

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