Kennedy Jr. Believes His Family Was Killed By CIA

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book only confirms what we had alleged in our best selling book, that the CIA has killed His uncle, President John F. Kennedy.

By Melissa Roberto, Radar Online- In his new tell-all, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. confessed that his notorious political family believed the CIA killed late president John F. Kennedy, can exclusively reveal.

In the candid memoir, American Values: Lessons I learned from My Family, RFK Jr. ripped the lid off of the family’s best kept secrets. He confessed it was his father, Robert F. Kennedy, who doubted the intentions of the government’s intelligence agency.

“My dad immediately suspected that the CIA had killed Uncle Jack,” RFK Jr. wrote.

The environmental attorney also admitted that former President of the United States had premonitions of his murder in the days leading up to that fateful day on November 22, 1963.

RFK Jr. specifically recalled his mother observing Jack as “distant and brooding” while in attendance of a dinner with the Supreme Court justices.

Then, before leaving for Dallas where his life was ultimately taken, the former president “seemed to have his own sense of foreboding as he prepared for the trip,” RFK Jr. wrote.

His fears only grew on the day of his death, RFK Jr. revealed.

“Jack’s own conversations drifted repeatedly to the subject of assassination, including on the morning of Nov. 22, when Jack and Jackie saw the black-bordered front page of the Dallas Morning News accusing Jack of treason,” Kennedy Jr. wrote.

RFK Jr.’s tell-all comes months after the federal government released thousands of files relating to the former president’s sudden death.

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