As Anticipated: UN Sides With ANTIFA And Intervenes In US Domestic Affairs Sighting Trump’s Illegal Use Of Federal Agents To Detain Violent Protestors

The Un Is Intervening In Us Domestic Affairs (just As We Warned For The Past Couple Of Years)

The UN did not condemn the mass violence toward law enforcement, initiated by left-wing terror groups. The UN did not denounce the human rights abuses that Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants have inflicted throughout America, which has become a stealth form of genocide toward whites.

Instead, the UN is right on time to defend the left-wing terror, to aid and abed the destruction of the United States from within, and to tear down the rule of law in America.

Not the first time either: United Nations Sides With Antifa Terrorists (It’s Time To Defund The UN)

It’s now apparent that foreign militaries and intelligence operations are behind the upheaval occurring in American cities, and these bad actors and governing bodies will clearly take advantage of the upheaval to take control and impose their will over the United States.

As federal agents try to save their country from violent left-wing mobs, will the UN send troops into the US to take out the federal agents, to occupy America, and to let terror reign?

Democrat Governors and Mayors openly invite terror and unrestrained human rights abuses

No one wants to see federal troops, Homeland Security officers, and Border and Custom patrols going to war in American cities, but the democrat governors and mayors have left the federal government with no choice but to intervene in strategic and powerful ways that restore law and order.

Federal agents have adapted new strategies to avoid doxxing and to avoid large confrontations in the city streets, protecting innocent lives as agents single out, detain, and prosecute violent criminals hiding within the mob.

The inner cities are burning and law enforcement is being overrun by racially-charged, left-wing anarchist mobs.

Portland Oregon mayor Ted Wheeler has stood with the arsonists, looters, violent criminals and domestic terrorists, watching his city go up in flames.

Standing with the terrorists, Wheeler has called Trump’s federal help “an explicit abuse of power” that puts “federal officers and Oregonians in danger.” He publicly stated that federal law enforcement should “leave our city.”

These weak democrat leaders have become the problem, openly permitting thugs to attack law enforcement, burn down businesses and threaten people’s lives.

These unrestrained human rights abuses are being openly encouraged by mayors like Ted Wheeler. The streets of Portland look like a war zone, as state and federal property comes under threat.

Defund The U.N.: United Nations Just Shared The Flag Of Antifa

UN turns blind eye toward widespread human rights abuses initiated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter

Three federal officers who were defending the Hatfield Federal Courthouse were attacked by antifa rioters.

Department of Homeland Security official Richard Cline confirmed that the officers were attacked by lasers; the officers have sustained permanent eye injuries from the attack.

“When officers responded to put out these fires, glass bottles were thrown and lasers – which can cause permanent blindness – were shined in their eyes,” said Director Cline.

“We have three officers who currently have eye injuries and they may not recover sight in those eyes from those laser attacks.”

Antifa are also using commercial fireworks to permanently injure or kill law enforcement.

Antifa has also used doxxing to punish and intimidate law enforcement officers and their families. Armed rioters sometimes emerge out of mobs and single out motorists, sticking a gun to their chest.

The UN has nothing to say about human rights abuses like these, which have gone on for multiple weeks across America.

As soon as U.S. federal agents move in to restore law and order, the UN is quick to condemn, fueling the flames of civil unrest and domestic terror throughout American cities.

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