‘Suicided’ Linkin Park Front Man Chester Bennington’s Death Investigated

The Internet has exploded in recent days announcing the investigation into Chester Bennington’s death has not in fact ruled out murder, insinuating that the Linkin Park front man was murdered in the same way that his friend Chris Cornell- the front man to Soundgarden and Audioslave- was possibly murdered. The two were both found in almost exact similar ways upon death. Hanging from doors within the places they were staying at the time. Never one to believe a coincidence it was also odd to me at the time that Bennington was murdered on Cornell’s birthday no less.

According to Baxter Dmitry of Your News Wire: “Police have reportedly launched a murder investigation into Chester Bennington’s death with insiders believing it is “extremely unlikely” The Linkin Park front man committed suicide in eerily similar circumstances to his close friend Chris Cornell.”

This investigation was launched two weeks ago- on July 20th, the day of Bennington’s alleged murder by the Los Angeles Police Department. Why has this story not yet been heard? Is the mainstream media blackballing this information? It would seem so- as a political and economic commentator I just happened upon this news as I was doing research for other work.


The article continues:

“Detectives are looking into whether Chester Bennington was murdered, with the death scene later arranged to look like a suicide. They have put a team of investigators in place and are refusing to rule out a criminal homicide charge.
Bennington was reportedly investigating the death of Cornell, and a connection to the PizzaGate pedophile sex trafficking ring when he unexpectedly took his own life.”

So grieving for his close friend Cornell, and keeping his oath to look after his son, Bennington somehow most likely stumbled upon information in his own investigation that was deeply troubling in the least and personally catastrophic in the worst case scenario. Even under these circumstances, Bennington was still looking forward to future plans with his family and the band, Linkin Park. Bennington had just bought his family of eight a new home, and he tweeted quite a few times his excitement on the plans he and Shinoda were looking forward to carrying out. Read all of these and ask yourself, do these sound like the tweets of a suicidal man?

Dmitry continued:

“New information has come to light indicating that the sexual abuse Bennington suffered at the hands of a family friend growing up, may have actually perpetrated by John Podesta, with whom his mother had allegedly had a relationship. Was Bennington getting to close to the truth about PizzaGate? Did he learn of Podesta’s possible involvement in child trafficking and the Clinton Foundation? Did he learn the truth about the death of Chris Cornell? Did he pay for this knowledge with his life?”

Even more bizarre than this possible double murder of these two shining lights in the universe of music, is the fact that Chester Bennington may be the illegitimate son of John Podesata, who is closely related to the PizzaGate sex trafficking scandal. These sites and videos all claim to have compelling evidence of this. It is possible that Podesta has something to do with the murder of not just Bennington, but perhaps Chris Cornell as well.

This is an unseen, complicated turn of events. However the more it’s investigated the closer the puzzle comes to being solved.

“One police source said “Murders are sometimes made to look like suicides, we think he was murdered and we just have to find out who was behind it.”

No offense officer, but DUH.

“The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that Bennington was found dead but refused to provide details. The agencies’ Chief of Operations– Brian Elias– remaining tight-lipped about whether the many reports of suicide are indeed accurate. He said, ‘We are investigating all angles.’”

Calling the coroner’s office in Los Angeles was a dead end for me. However, since I am a Detroit resident it wasn’t too hard to contact the Wayne County Medical Examiner where Chris Cornell was ruled a suicide back in May. Lisa Croff, the media spokesperson at the coroner’s office was able to confirm what earlier reports had already told us. That Cornell suffered blunt force trauma to the back of his head, he had wounds consistent with strangulation and he also suffered nine different rib fractures. When asked why the investigation was ruled a suicide in the face of all of this evidence Croff replied, “I have no idea. But you’re not the first to ask these questions- and it seems to me that a suicide ruling was not only premature at the time back in May since they rushed this case, but it was irresponsible for the Detroit Police Department to have ignored this evidence in the first place. This should be reopened, but I’m afraid that isn’t likely, the way things run around here.” Justice still has not prevailed in what appears to be premeditated murder at this point.

“Bennington who sang at Cornell’s recent funeral service- after becoming close in recent years- was reportedly, ‘working with Cornell’s foundation to prevent the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children.’ Bennington who was the father of six kids himself, was also the Godfather of Chris Cornell’s son. He was on record talking about the long-term emotional fallout after being sexually abused by an older male as a small child. He told the metal magazine Corral in 2011, ‘If I think back to when I was really young, to when I was being molested, to when all of these horrible things were going on around me, I shudder.’

Now, investigators believe that the deaths of Cornell and Bennington are linked. The many parallels between the two deaths are astonishing. The close friends who were working on exposing notorious entertainment industry pedophiles, died in the same way, with Bennington’s death taking place on what would have been Cornell’s fifty-third birthday. Close friends of Cornell say that he was shown a black book, that included the name of one of his close professional associates. After setting up a foundation and investigating further, Cornell was close to exposing a ring of pedophiles in the entertainment industry. A dangerous job that Cornell considered ‘his duty’. But his friends believe he was taken out before he finished the job.”

Friends and family apparently are not buying the suicide story. Both widows of these two metal artists will not accept it. Resoundingly they both profess that their husbands were not suicidal, and that they were actually killed being the heroes they always were, trying to save children from the similar fate that Bennington himself was never spared.

“The official investigation into Chris Cornell’s death has been closed. But his widow and many of his fans are unsatisfied with the ruling by police and medical examiners, that Cornell committed suicide. Detroit Police wrapped up their investigation quickly, and the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office ruled the death a suicide. But investigators are claiming that “unexplained gaps in the official timeline of Cornell’s final moments, and suspicious inconsistencies in the records..” suggest that Cornell’s death was not suicide at all, but a premeditated homicide and cover-up.” Sounds about right for the DPD.

Chris Cornell’s death is viewed suspiciously. In part because there was unexplained head trauma to the back of his head. The first responders noted it. World renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz has worked on many high profile cases, including the  JFK and MLK assassinations and Casey Anthony’s trial. After viewing Chris Cornell’s autopsy report he said that he was not absolutely convinced that Cornell’s death was a suicide. Another red flag is that the exercise band is stretchy. Chris Cornell was tall. It’s hard to believe that his feet would not have touched the floor.

Hopefully these investigators will be more successful than the first ones were when they were led astray into a cold trail. Still, the fact remains- how astonishing that these were both ruled suicides at the outset- and yet not a peep from mainstream media about the inconsistencies or the new information that has come forth.

“Investigator Randy Cody is among those questioning the suicide ruling. He points to ‘perceived timeline gaps’, forensic questions and what he says are ‘two signs that Cornell actually had a head wound that was not mentioned in the autopsy reports’. Speaking to the Detroit Free Press he referenced Detroit Police Scanner Audio in which a medic is heard saying, ‘Patient did have an exercise rubber band around his neck, suggestions of possible strangulation. Trauma to the back of the head. History of depression. Patient is cool to the touch in all areas at this time.’ Cody also questions whether medics really broke so many of Cornell’s ribs in efforts to resuscitate him. ‘Cornell was killed because he was about to expose a child sex ring.’ According to Cody. He said, ‘Do you really believe these medics caused nine rib fractures during CPR? I’m not buying it.’”

And neither do many other fans, friends and family of these two super-star-crossed friends.

“In May, Bennington tweeted: ‘As of today, my life’s purpose is one of love and understanding. The world needs to change and that change can only come from within. Hate, pride, vengeance and fear are the plague of the earth. Love, kindness, compassion, empathy and service to others are the cure.” He added a challenge to his followers on Twitter, “Let’s all choose to be part of the cure. If we look outside ourselves to find love and peace, we will ultimately fail. It has to come from within, lead by example.’

Chester Bennington was a mature well-adjusted man, who had ‘exorcised his demons’ and who had devoted the rest of his life to fighting for others, including his six children and his Godson, Christopher Cornell. Also, he was exposing the pedophile ring in the entertainment industry. However, evil forces seem determined to shut these kind of people down. As details of his death emerge, it is worth keeping an eye on who pushes the hardest with a suicide angle, and who attempts to shut down anyone who may raise questions- they may be involved in the cover-up.

Following the tragic news of Bennington’s sudden death, his wife announced that she had proof that her husband did not commit suicide. Talinda Anne Bennington has shocked Bennington’s fans by revealing that he was dead before his body was hung. On her official Twitter account she posted, “he didn’t kill himself. He was already dead before he hung himself. I have proof..” The post was removed shortly after it was posted, and retweeted many times by Bennington’s fans.”

Are social media giants in on this too? This would not be surprising considering how deep the pedophilia rabbit hole goes. The following information is not only a shock, but it makes sense when you reflect on Bennington’s ‘demons’ and the struggles he dealt with as an adult bearing deep emotional scars from childhood.

“It is rumored that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is indeed the bastard son of John Podesta. Bennington struggled his whole life with mental health issues, as a result of being molested as a child. His parents divorced at age eleven, after his father found out that his mother was involved in an extra-marital affair. Bennington’s mother- Susan Elaine, alegedly had this affair with John Podesta. Bennington actually received a grant from the Clinton Foundation as a result of John Podesta’s influence. Podesta knows he is Bennington’s father, something that was not revealed to Bennington until much later years. Possibly just recently- after Cornell’s recent death in May of 2017.

It could be that after Bennington found out who his real father was he was stricken with grief and anger. He possibly then looked into Podesta, to find out that he was involved in child-sex pedophile rings, linked to Hillary Clinton’s foundation and that he was responsible for human trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors from Haiti and other places in the world. Bennington admitted a while back that he had been, “molested by an older family friend” when he was very young.”

So it is also entirely possible he knew the entire time.

Granted, this is all speculation. There is no real hard proof at the moment about Bennington’s paternity. However, judging from how close the photos of the alleged father and son, a DNA test would not be remiss- would it? It could be the last piece that completes the puzzle, the last nail in the coffin for these child predators. Perhaps, if this is investigated properly, Cornell and Bennington could turn out to have finished their ‘duty’ after all. Maybe their deaths can save future victims in this crime network.

The article continues:

“Perhaps when Bennington found out that his molester was indeed his real father- John Podesta- Podesta was then forced to silence his own son- his newly acknowledged bastard child.”

Is Podesta really the biological father of Chester Bennington? One facial recognition analysis said that there is a 75% chance that Podesta is at the very least a close relative of Bennington.

At that very least- if all of the evidence is considered- people should entertain the idea that Bennington and Cornell were murdered for their endeavors to end the tragic industry that has tortured and killed the children in these sex trafficking rings. Both men were looking into this international scandal that has become a huge crime syndicate. Exposed by Wikileaks, just a week before the 2016 presidential election- Seth Rich, a former DNC employee is even tied to this as it is suspected that he was also murdered for leaking this information to Wikileaks. Shot twice in the back- Rich was considered a ‘botched robbery’ by the police, although his keys, wallet, phone and watch were all still on his lifeless body. All of the investigations into Rich’s murder have since been dropped.

Also consistent with the Satanic Illuminati sacrifices, both of these men were alone and away from their families when their deaths occurred. It would be easier to access them in this way, especially if a member of their security team had been compromised to allow access to Cornell and Bennington. In this way the murderers would be aware of when the two men would be alone, and what security team was on watch during the targeted time. Allegedly, one of Cornell’s security guards kicked down a hotel door in the MGM Grand Casino Hotel and found him dead. The only problem with that story was that it’s nearly impossible to just kick down a door in most hotels, especially at the most posh hotel in the city.

In the Bennington death, his driver who was supposed to take him to a photo shoot was the one who called it in to the LAPD. In the 911 call you can hear the maid screaming and crying although the driver was calm and collected during the entire call. Not likely for a mere driver to be so unaffected at seeing his boss strung up on a door. There was nothing in his voice to indicate that he was shaken, emotionally affected or rattled by the scene he supposedly had just happened upon. The driver indicated that he had just arrived on the scene, and the maid found Bennington’s body. No clue on why the maid herself didn’t call 911. Also there is no time frame provided between the maid’s discovery and the phone call to emergency responders. Here is the phone call below so you can judge for yourself.

From <https://www.youtube.com/embed/hgUQL_bW5tU?autoplay=1&enablejsapi=1&origin=https://www.bing.com&rel=0>

Both Cornell’s and Bennington’s situations reek of foul play. There are many factors to both stories that make no sense at all.

There are also many ties between not just Bennington but also the band- Linkin Park- to the Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation gave the band a grant. Also, as is common knowledge, John Podesta has deep ties to the Clintons. He was Hillary’s campaign manager, and also was the White House’s 20th Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and the White House Staff Secretary during the Clinton Administration. Ironically he also served as Counselor to the President from January of 2014 on to February of 2015 underneath Barack Obama.

TMZ reported that they died in virtually identical ways:
Chester Bennington was found hanging from a door separating his bedroom from his closet. Chris Cornell died hanging from a hotel door separating the bedroom from the bathroom.
Chester was found with a belt around his neck. Chris was found with an exercise band around his neck.
Neither one left a suicide note.

But it’s the coincidences of their lives that raise a big red flag.
Both worked with children to save them from sexual exploitation. Chris Cornell worked with children’s charities and set up a foundation, IfOnly, with his wife to protect vulnerable children.
It is said that both were working collaboratively to expose a pedophile ring operating in the music industry.

The Detroit News reported,

“Cody, who runs the heavy metal rock website The Metal Den, said he believes Cornell — who established a foundation with his wife to help vulnerable children — may have been killed because he was about to expose a child sex ring.
Cody claims a rock star who was a friend of Cornell’s wife showed up in a “black book” that, according to the theory, named pedophiles associated with Comet Ping Pong. Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police said the allegations are untrue.”

Some have drawn parallels to the Young Boy Lover pedophile symbol and Linkin Park’s band symbol.

Linkin Park is an oddly similar name to Lincoln Park  in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
It was discovered that Lincoln Park was a military base engaging in cooperative efforts through Canada and the US CIA to experiment on abducted children using  MKULTRA mind control. The purpose was to develop “super spies and assassins.”
MKULTRA was a  CIA program that ran from 1953 to 1973. This is a fact.

Documentation can even be accessed on the CIA website. https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/search/site/MK-Ultra

A common technique in MKULTRA mind control is sexual abuse.
Many children in Lincoln Park were  sexually abused. Many were put to death due to unsustainable injuries.
The Child Abuse Recovery website explains.
“Children in the mind control program at the Canadian base known as  Lincoln Park in Calgary Alberta, were allegedly victimized by a former Nazi SS doctor. According to a survivor, the Nazi mind control expert and three Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult members were working undercover as Canadian military personnel.”

Some are leaning to the theory that these two young, talented, successful musicians were “suicided” before they could point to Podesta as an abuser and/or to blow the covers off an elite pedophile ring.
Even if the pedophile ring had nothing to do with DC Pizzagate, but rather, one in the music industry, the Leftstream media suppresses and ridicules the idea that elite pedophile rings even exist. Despite ample proof, including arrests, throughout history and just over the  last year.
So in that respect there is no way that we can expect MSM to report any possible links between the Cornell and Bennington Suicides, Podesta and a Pedo Ring. They will only report that there are crazy “conspiracy theorists” who connect the dots.

From <http://imowired.com/cornell-and-bennington-suicides-podest-and-a-pedo-ring/>

PizzaGate has become the largest human trafficking scandal ever in US history, with connections to the world’s politicians, the US Military, in the business sector, in the entertainment industry, even people within the Clergy, and the Roman Catholic Church. The mainstream media is also in collusion as they have labelled it as ‘fake news’. Even though this ‘fake news’ has had real life consequences. Just ask the Benningtons or the Cornells if they believe this is a ‘fake news’ story.

Had this information never come to light- brought to us by the Wikileak’s emails- namely those of Podesta and Clinton, this would never have become such a huge story, and who knows? Perhaps Cornell and Bennington would still be alive today.

Original Article:https://www.preusspodcast.com/opinion/investigation-death-chester-bennington/

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