What The World Needs: 7,000 Christians Cry Out To God For America In San Francisco

7,000 Christians Cry Out To God In The Streets Of San Diego For America

At least 7,000 Christians recently filled the streets of San Diego praying for America. And another 8,500  tuned in to the online broadcast services amounting to more than 15,000 crying out to God and of course the Main Stream Media was silent on this taking place.

According to the report from GODtv, Pastor Miles McPherson led the frontlines using prayers as his weapon in combating against chaos and political confusion in the country. The senior pastor of Rock Church in San Diego gathered his members and partnered with over 135 other churches and 148 pastors leading to start a movement called “We Pray San Diego”.

The report went on to state that on June 20th, the gathering took place at 11 locations in the city, including San Diego, Oceanside, San Marcos, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Chula Vista, Spring Valley, San Carlos, and Santee. With Prostrating, lifting their hands, and kneeling down before God, it literally pictures a city on its knees.

Witnesses say that for one hour, the people sang praises and laid hands on and prayed for strangers. Together, in unity, they all cried out for healing, peace, joy, and unity to pour out in the community.

“We just want to bring the love of God and the power of God in every community in San Diego and all the people to bring us all together,” McPherson said. He added, “God can heal all of the unrest. He can bring good out of evil and good out of pain. We’re going to see, I believe, a transformation of San Diego and our country as we go through this.”

Original Article:https://endtimeheadlines.org/2020/07/7000-christians-cry-out-to-god-in-the-streets-of-san-diego-for-america/

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