Spiritual Wickedness In High Places: Ghislaine Maxwell Has Video Of Prince Andrew Among Many Others In Her Cache To Be Released As ‘Dead Woman’s Switch’

An acquaintance of Ghislaine Maxwell has told reporters that the socialite has secret video footage of Prince Andrew that was filmed during her time as Jeffrey Epstein’s so called ‘madam’.

Christina Oxenberg told The Sun that Andrew, the British Queen’s son, “is one of many johns, all of whom were videotaped by Ghislaine.”

“He is not a victim here, but Ghislaine was never his friend, she was taping him,” Oxenberg added, noting that “Friends don’t tape friends.”

Prince Andrew Ghislaine Maxwell

Oxenberg is the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, making her Prince Andrew’s cousin.

She told reporters that she believes Maxwell is seeking to trade information with the FBI, and possibly the videos to save herself.

“I think she thinks she can get out, obviously she’s planning on trading [information],” Oxenberg said.

Oxenberg says she was interviewed by the FBI last year in regards to the case, and that she is willing to testify against Maxwell.

The report claims that the royal said Maxwell previously bragged to her about obtaining underage girls under Epstein’s influence.

“I will definitely be there to remind her that in ’97, she told me copious amounts,” Oxenberg said.

It is not clear if Oxenberg is the same person who was cited anonymously in another report this week claiming that Maxwell has secret sex tapes that “could implicate some twisted movers and shakers.”

“If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her,” the source told the Daily Mail.

As we highlighted last week, a lawyer for one of Epstein’s accusers thinks that Ghislaine Maxwell could reveal a “bigger name” involved in Epstein’s pedophile network in order to secure a plea deal following her arrest.

“I’m sure that Ghislaine’s attorneys will try to make a deal where she speaks out about a bigger name to get reduced charges for herself,” said Lisa Bloom.

Original Article:https://humansarefree.com/2020/07/prince-andrews-cousin-says-ghislaine-maxwell-has-secret-video-of-him.html

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  1. I wrote this a day after Epstein’s so called suicide.
    After Ghislaine name names, she’ll be whisked off too.


    Epstein is not stupid, his untimely death (and not Suicide) will cause leaks that no one can patch.
    I bet the first place his pics and videos go to is Wikileaks, then to the Independent News sites where it will spread like

    wild fire!
    Smarts would never let it go to the MSM or anti Trump/Reps sites where it would lay dormant.

    Sure his BlackBook has names,….so what,…………..So What?!
    Names don’t mean anything if connected to nothing.
    And if you ask an Elite about their name in Epsteins book they’ll just say too,
    “So What!”

    At first it was “Suicide”, a whole lot of bullshit around that!
    Then it was “Murder” more bullshit.
    Now 2 weeks of all that and not “ONE FAKE DEATH” conspiracy?!
    A “WHISKED AWAY” to another but secret location” would have been more believable!
    Was he whisked away?, then he’s not DEAD!

    Time will tell, when Nothing happens to the Elite, then Epstein is not dead!
    All of Politics is a stage and the politicians merely
    players,……………………………..and guess who’s getting Played?

    Now watch all the death conspiracy theories pop up out of no where and many will
    be generated by the Deep State to add to the confusion!

    All of Politics a stage and the Politicians merely players.

    And guess who’s getting played.


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