FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim Of Bill Clinton

Child sex trafficking investigators from the FBI’s New York field office have conducted an interview with a victim who provided chilling details about allegedly being raped by Bill Clinton on a yacht in New England when the victim was a young boy.

“We are treating him as a victim,” an FBI official told us in New York City post the interview with FBI.

Top FBI officials arranged the interview with the victim, who said he was raped by Bill Clinton when he was just eight years old. The interview was conducted by the FBI’s task force that was established to investigate sexual assault and sex trafficking claims linked to Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. That task force, also attached to the NYPD, remains active even though Epstein reportedly committed suicide in federal custody just weeks ago.

“We still have a job to do here and that’s what we’re doing,” one FBI official told us.

The interview and the allegations against Clinton are both detailed and disturbing. We have decided to share the video of the victim’s account in his own words which contain explosive details of the alleged assault and much more. Again, his account is graphic. Nonetheless, the federal agents with knowledge of the case believe the victim is credible.

To the FBI’s credit, the Bureau handled the victim with respect and dignity during the interview. While many have been massive critics of the FBI in recent years, the way they treated the victim who is now in his mid-twenties deserves a lot of credit to the FBI here for the way in which they’re listening and investigating.

But the road to this point was not without intrigue and tragedy.

The victim was originally interviewed with journalist Jen Moore who provided the details against Bill Clinton and other elite politicians to child trafficking specialists in DHS Department of Homeland Security and the FBI in July of 2018. Moore, an advocate who investigated abused and trafficked children, had been in the process of investigating allegations by the 26-year-old man that — as a young boy — he was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and pimped out at private sex parties attended by other D.C. elites.

But Moore and the traumatized victim wanted to contact Homeland Security and the FBI first to see if they would open a criminal case against Clinton prior to publicizing the claims.

Four weeks after contacting the Feds, Jen Moore was found dead in a D.C. hotel room. Moore died of an “apparent seizure”, though her death remains off the chart suspicious and the timing — simply beyond disturbing. After Moore’s death, the victim, fearful for his own life, decided to not go public with that interview.

Now he has rallied his courage and is steadfast committed to telling his story no matter the repercussions. And that is what he just finally did for the FBI.

While in New York City, the victim supplied intelligence to federal agents including confirmation that he witnessed other children and people being sexually and physically abused and worse on numerous “boat parties.” These parties were attended by elite members of D.C. political class, according to the victim.

Prior to Jen Moore’s death we had had a discussion with her about simply publishing the allegations against Clinton without tipping off the Feds. The victim at that time agreed to use his full name and identity and he said he believed he was prepared to handle any blow back. But Jen Moore said she wanted to work back channels and entice the Feds to voluntarily interview the victim. She set out to do just that. See her video below where she hauntingly describes her frustration with the Feds just days before her death.

The ultimate plan was if federal agents did not pursue or investigate the victim’s allegations, the True Pundit would publish the details. But everyone would wait to see what happened next.

Now, this has come full circle. We see a return to the original strategy today and they are doing just that. And instead of waiting for the FBI to take notice of the allegations, they today marched right into the FBI.

The victim here deserves full credit for allowing the publication of these details. Some details the victim provided have been still withheld because they could impact any active investigations, (which as we are all well aware are ongoing with the DOJ and the special Task Force assigned to investigate and prosecute. Those details will be published as the matters develop further.

Regardless, the victim’s account remains beyond disturbing and provides a first-hand account into chilling details of Satanic-like rituals surrounding the exploitation and sexual assaults of children.

Once again, this is a warning of graphic content. The victim fears for his safety but believes working with the FBI has offered him protection.

Again, he does deserve credit for green-lighting the publication of this interview and we all hope it helps him accelerate his healing process.

As journalists, we need to shine the light on such atrocities and stick our necks out when required. And that is what we are doing here today … as well as settling an old score for the late Jen Moore.

Here is the video of the interview:

Original Article:https://repubpost.com/2020/07/02/fbi-interviews-alleged-boy-rape-victim-of-bill-clinton-chilling-details-of-sex-assaults-satanic-rituals-on-yacht/

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