ANTIFA Plans Nationwide Chaos For July 4th


Nationwide protests by Black Lives Matter anarchists and ANTIFA fascists planned in every major city to disrupt 4th of July celebrations, tear down statues and foment fear

Meteorologists are warning us that tomorrow will bring us a sustained ‘ring of fire‘ heatwave across much of America, and that is very much appropriate for the racial heatwave that has inflamed our nation over the past 6 weeks. Black Lives Matter anarchist and ANTIFA fascists have planned protests and uprisings in nearly every city for the 4th of July, and you need to exercise much caution if you plan on being out in the public for Independence Day celebrations. That fireworks display you’re looking forward to may just be a cover for gunshots and pipe bombs.

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” 2 Timothy 3:1 (KJB)

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, we are uncovering the planned activities of Black Lives Matter and ANITA to not only ruin July 4TH celebrations for Americans, but to cause as much damage and devastation as they possibly can. The racial wars happening now are not like the ones that took place in 1960’s, they are much more organized, funded with hundreds of millions of dollars, and organized by the global elites who must remove America before the New World Order can fully come in.

In the book of Daniel, the king as he watched the finger of God write the decree on the wall had no idea what he was looking at, but the bible believing Daniel sure did. It said that his kingdom had been numbered, and found wanting. A tally had been done, the king had come up short, and his kingdom was over. Is America watching something similar taking place right now? This live Prophecy News Podcast begins today starting at Noon, please join us!

Original Article:

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