UN Urges Countries Into Continuing Lockdowns

UN Human Rights Chief Tries to Scare Countries Into Continuing Lockdowns

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is suggesting that the draconian lockdowns most countries have enforced on their citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic might need to be extended to avoid a disastrous “second wave” of the virus.

Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet, a socialist and the former president of Chile, issued the warning on Thursday. Bachelet claimed that the disastrous economic effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns are a small price to pay when you consider the possible alternative.

“If an affected country comes out of lock-down too hastily, there is a danger that a second wave, costing many more lives, will be triggered sooner and more destructively than would otherwise be the case,” Bachelet said.

“If the reopening of societies is mishandled, all the huge sacrifices made during the initial #lockdown will have been for nothing. Letting politics or economics drive the #COVID-19 response at the expense of health and #HumanRights will cost lives.”

Bachelet, who was trained as a physician, suggested that plans to re-open economies are being driven by a “particular elite” and that the predicted disastrous results of re-opening too soon will fall hardest on “vulnerable” people.

“If their response is based on the interests of a particular elite — causing the disease to flare up again in other less privileged or marginalized communities — it will rebound on everyone,” Bachlet told reporters in Geneva.

Bachelet must not watch much television or go on the Internet. In America at least, re-openings are clearly being driven by unhappy citizens who want to go back to work and start their lives again — not by any “elites.” In fact, it seems like many elites — globalist health organizations, Democrat-controlled states and the mainstream media, for example — are the ones pressing to continue these authoritarian lockdowns.

The Human Rights High Commissioner is clearly of the belief that only government has the answers to the economic and health concerns brought on by the Chinese coronavirus.

“Balancing the economic imperatives with the health and human rights imperatives during the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be one of the most delicate, daunting and defining experiences for all leaders and all governments. Their place in history will be decided by how well or how badly they perform over the coming months,” Bachelet said.

Here’s a novel idea — let freedom decide. The mainstream media and globalist health agencies have done their job in frightening the peoples of the world. They’ve told us all the risks and the precautions we should take. Now, allow us to decide whether to take those risks.

Allow the various professional sports leagues the opportunity to begin playing again. Allow all companies — “essential” or not — to begin manufacturing and selling again. Allow shop owners the right to decide whether they want to take the risks of opening. Allow restaurants and bars to decide for themselves when and how to open. And most importantly, allow the potential customers of these companies and establishments to weigh the risk of getting the virus versus the pleasures and conveniences of frequenting them.

Those who are still afraid of the virus can stay at home, wear their masks, etc. But those things should not be mandated by any government. They never should have been.

A socialist like Bachelet doesn’t see the coronavirus as a disease but an opportunity. The virus is a way for governments to gain the complete control over population that they covet. It’s past time the population starts reminding these governments who is truly in charge of their respective nations.

Liberty is a great disinfectant. It should be applied in heavy doses.

Original Article:https://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/item/35742-un-human-rights-chief-tries-to-scare-countries-into-continuing-lockdowns

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