5G, Biometrics Systems Being Covertly Installed In Schools During Coronavirus Lockdown

As most people sit at home and patiently await their release from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns, reports continue to surface about potentially nefarious activities that are taking place under the cover of darkness while almost nobody is looking.

One of these activities involves the alleged installation of 5G towers and biometrics systems at public schools, as well as inside and on top of other publicly funded facilities. Since many public outfits are temporarily shut down due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), now is the perfect time for them to be outfitted with technologies that, were students and their parents present on a daily basis, would otherwise be much harder to conceal.

Back in mid-March, the YouTube channel “Logic Before Authority” posted a video detailing a message purportedly received from a member of a local school board who claims that school districts are covertly installing 5G equipment in public schools while students remain at home indefinitely with their parents. And this same source claims that the U.S. Department of Education is the one directing these installations.

This video is available for viewing below:

If workers are caught entering and leaving public schools, this same source says that many of them are being instructed to state that they’re present for “disinfection” purposes. But upon closer analysis, this doesn’t appear to be true, at least not according to video footage that was captured of mysterious white work vans parked behind an unknown school.

You can watch this video below:

“Although we do not see the name or location of the school, the video clearly shows vans for two companies – Systems Plus Wisconsin and North American Mechanical, Inc,” reports Global Research (Canada). “Both companies appear to be headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.”


Systems Plus Wisconsin hangs up phone after being asked if their vans are associated with 5G installations

When the person who filmed all of the white vans at the school decided to contact the one company, Systems Plus Wisconsin, which admits that it installs biometrics systems, the person on the other end of the phone reportedly hung up when asked if there was anything happening in relation to 5G.

The word 5G has almost become a dirty word, and something that even the companies that deal with it don’t want to be associated with anymore because of the negative stigma that’s attached to it. If you’d like to learn more about the dangers of 5G, be sure to check out the documentary film 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event.

Since these two videos were published, many other inquisitive minds have checked out their local schools and observed similar activities. Mysterious vans installing unusual towers and antennas on school grounds during these lockdowns are apparently more common than previously thought, which is sparking a growing public backlash.

Citizen journalists, if you will, are encouraged to get out there and take a look, and report what they find on social media, on YouTube, and even directly to their local school boards. Put the pressure where it needs to be and demand answers, otherwise this type of activity will only continue unquestioned.

“Our concern is that 5G could be installed without our knowledge while we are grappling with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the installation of biometric systems could be a part of a more sinister agenda,” reports Global Research.

To keep up with the latest Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) news, be sure to check out Pandemic.news.

Original Article:https://futuretech.news/2020-04-22-5g-biometrics-systems-covertly-installed-schools-coronavirus-lockdowns.html

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