The Guise Of Safety: Contract Tracing Now Reaching Extreme Levels As Businesses, Churches Required To Record Names Of All Attendees

Kansas City Requires ‘Records of All Attendees’ Of Religious Gatherings

If you live in Kansas City, Missouri, and plan on attending a service, you better plan on being required to have your attendance documented. That’s because, According to a new report from the Western Journal, Churches in Kansas City, Missouri, that reopen for in-person services are going to be required to make a list of everyone who attends, this according to new city rules that were released by Mat Staver, who is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.

According to the city website, “In-person religious gatherings (including weddings and funerals) may resume, subject to the 10/10/10 rule (if held inside) or limited to 50 people outside, provided social distancing precautions are followed and event organizers maintain records of all attendees.

The website elaborated more on the new guidelines: “The 10/10/10 rule specifies that these businesses must limit the number of individuals on-site (inclusive of employees and customers) to no more than 10 percent of building occupancy or 10 people (whichever is larger), and record the names, contact information, and approximate entry/exit time of all customers who are on-premises for more than 10 minutes,”

“One of the primary means for transmission of COVID-19 is in-person interactions that last more than a few minutes. By recording customer names, businesses will enable the Kansas City Health Department to more quickly trace, test, and isolate individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19 if an employee or customer had the virus at the time they frequented the business. All data obtained by the Department of Public Health will remain confidential and will be used only to address public health concerns and contact individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19,”

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