Can’t Let A Good Catastrophe Go To Waste: Citing COVID-19, EU Seeks ‘New Marshall Plan’ For ‘New Europe’

Citing COVID19, EU Seeks “New Marshall Plan” for “New Europe”

Under the guise of “saving” Europe from the coronavirus and economic calamity, European Union leaders are calling for an enormous “Marshall Plan” that would supposedly stimulate the continent’s bruised economies and transform the EU. The goal: “a new Europe.” Basically, the plan calls for bribing people with their own money. This includes extracting enormous amounts of money from taxpayers by saddling them with more debt, then spending that money on EU-backed schemes. However, if the proposed plot is anything like the original U.S.-funded Marshall Plan for Europe after World War II, it will be used primarily to advance globalism and socialism — not economic recovery.

EU President Ursula von der Leyen, who leads the European Commission that acts as a sort of hybrid legislative and executive branch, has been leading the charge to weaponize the upcoming budget as a transformative “Marshall Plan.” Supposedly, taking enormous amounts of money from taxpayers to spend on schemes selected by EU bureaucrats will help Europe deal with the catastrophic effects of shutting down the continent’s economies under the guise of fighting the virus. At least that is what EU leaders are telling the public.

“The European budget should be the Marshall Plan we lay out together,” said von der Leyen, infamous for calling on NATO to be unleashed against enemies of “world order,” while proposing massive EU spending increases to deal with fallout from the Chinese virus and the accompanying economic shutdowns imposed by governments. “We all know that in this crisis we need quick answers and we cannot take two or three years to invent new tools.”

The super-state’s long-term budget, known as the “Multinational Financial Framework” (MFF), “is the strongest tool we have,” the former German defense minister argued in outlining the idea. “We want to shape the MFF in such a way that is a crucial part of our recovery plan.” The scheme must also serve as a “very strong investment signal,” she added, indicating that the program would be used to channel even more private capital into globalist machinations.

Among the priorities that von der Leyen said would be at the heart of the proposed spending bonanza is “decarbonization.” The term, which misleadingly equates the essential-to-life gas carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled by human beings with dirty carbon, has been used by globalists and global-warming theorists alongside scary photos of black smoke (not CO2) to deceive gullible people for years. It basically serves as a catch-all phrase for reshaping the economy and centralizing control over production under the guise of reducing human CO2 emissions, which make up a fraction of one percent of all the “greenhouse gases” present naturally in the atmosphere.

Another key scheme the EU president outlined is being touted as “SURE” — the Short Time Unemployment Scheme. “Besides liquidity and other support, we are introducing a new proposal to preserve the vibrant heart of the European economy and that is skilled workers,” she said in reference to the “SURE” plot. Under the plan, the EU would make 100 billion euros of money extracted from taxpayers of European nations available to European governments so they could hand it out to European companies, which would then supposedly give it back to European workers. Yes, seriously.

“The [EU] Commission will provide loans to those member states that need them to strengthen their short-time work schemes,” the top EU bureaucrat explained. “This will be possible thanks to member states’ guarantees of 25 billion euros…. This is European solidarity in action.” Again, this is simply taking money from Europeans via taxation, borrowing, and currency printing, then giving it back to them as a bribe while using it to fund new shackles and re-shape societies and lives. Part of this is happening through the European Central Bank, which has launched a nearly $1 trillion “asset-buying program” that creates currency from nothing to buy real assets.

In an April 4 op-ed headlined “How our Europe will regain its strength” printed by various establishment media organs across Europe, von der Leyen offered more insight into the globalists plans for the EU. “In the last weeks, we have taken measures which would have been unthinkable only recently,” she wrote, pointing to bailouts for Big Business, more government spending, and other measures. To lift the economy out of the “valley,” the EU boss declared that “we will need massive investment in the form of a Marshall Plan for Europe.”

“At the heart of it should lie a powerful new EU budget,” the EU leader declared, calling for the spending to be “smart and sustainable” as opposed to, presumably, the dumb and unsustainable spending that is so typical of governments across Europe and around the world. “The advantages of this are obvious: the EU budget is a proven instrument of solidarity and modernization. And with its 7-year-term, it creates certainty for investors and reliability for all parties involved.”

“The billions and trillions being spent today to avert a greater disaster are an investment in our future protection and they will bind generations,” von der Leyen added, without making clear if she was speaking of binding future generations with new debt, or with new super-state mandates, or with both. “A Marshall Plan of this nature will help build a more modern, sustainable and resilient Europe. This is the Union that I believe can emerge from this — just as it did after … every crisis in our history.”

Von der Leyen has a history of expressing highly controversial globalist views, which is almost certainly how she ended up in the unelected post of EU president. In a 2019 column about NATO, for instance, she called for the globalist military alliance mostly funded by the United States to be deployed against opponents of the “rules-based international order.” While Americans were misled into believing NATO was about protecting freedom, globalists such as von der Leyen are now open about the fact that it is meant to uphold their deeply unpopular vision of “world order.”

Of course, von der Leyen is one of many EU bigwigs regurgitating the establishment’s talking points. European Council President Charles Michel, for instance, has also been peddling a “Marshall Plan-like stimulus strategy” for the EU that would “mobilize” both public and private money. It must have “strong ambition,” he added, with “ambition” being a new code word used by globalists and totalitarians to describe bold schemes to grab more money and power from citizens than ever before. Globalists at the World Economic Forum love the idea of a new Marshall Plan, too.

Many national government leaders desperately seeking funds from taxpayers in other European countries are making similar noises. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte even threatened that if the EU’s member governments did not agree to provide “adequate” stimulus to support nations worst hit by the coronavirus — including Italy — then the “EU could fail.” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez echoed the demands for a “Marshall Plan,” saying the “invisible enemy” now “threatens the very future of the European project.”

The original Marshall Plan, named after the subversive Secretary of Defense (and later State) George Marshall who helped deliver China to the mass-murdering butcher Chairman Mao, actually had its roots in the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. In particular, as recounted in James Perloff’s important book Shadows of Power, it was developed by a CFR “study group” cabal with banker and globalist architect David Rockefeller serving as secretary. Even though CFR bigwigs and toadies had been so instrumental in helping communists seize control over Eastern Europe and the Far East, the cabal chose to dishonestly market the Marshall Plan by telling Congress and the public that it would help Europe resist communism. That was a PR hoax.

In reality, the Marshall Plan’s enormous sums of money, $13 billion (nearly $140 billion in 2020), would be used to entice sovereign European nations and peoples into accepting more socialism and globalism. The 1948 bill authorizing the scheme, for instance, demanded that the money be used for “facilitating and stimulating the growth of international trade of participating countries with one another … by appropriate measures including reduction of barriers.” Some members of Congress even fought to include language spelling out the fact that the goal of the Marshall Plan was to encourage the “economic unification and political federation of Europe.”

The year after that, the “political federation” amendment was pursued again, with the result being the addition of the sentence: “It is further declared to be the policy of the people of the United States to encourage the unification of Europe.” By 1951, Congress finally came out and said it openly, with a clause included in the 1951 Mutual Security Act stating that the goal was “to further encourage the economic unification and the political federation of Europe.” The groundwork laid by all that U.S. taxpayer funding, then, would eventually culminate in the imposition of the “European Union” superstate on the continent. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) played a key role in the process as well.

Faith in the EU is crumbling. In fact, awareness is spreading that this faith was misplaced to begin with. Across the continent, citizens and nations inspired by Brexit are now longing for a way out of the trap, too. But Deep State globalists running the EU cannot allow that to happen. And so, they are hoping to literally bribe citizens with their own money through this grand new “Marshall Plan” for Europe. Think of the money as cheese in a mouse trap — it may look delicious and free, but the costs will be enormous, if not fatal. Europeans and Americans would be wise to avoid these globalist traps.

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