What Is Causing Birds To Fall Dead From The Sky All Over The World?

Thousands of dead birds have been reported falling dead from the sky in recent weeksaround the world.

The latest three massacres occurred in Missouri, Guinea-Bissau and India.

More than 650 vultures found dead in Guinea-Bissau, 1000 dead birds in Missouri and 50 birds in India,vulture crisis, vulture crisis africa, vulture crisis africa video
More than 650 vultures found dead in Guinea-Bissau, 1000 dead birds in Missouri and 50 birds in India. Picture via Youtube video

There is something weird going on in the air, in our atmosphere. Since a few weeks, I keep reporting about birds mass die-off, mysteriously falling from the sky. Some of the latest events happened for example in Spain, in the U.S. and in the U.K..


Now, you can add to those mysterious bird mass die-offs, those of:

  • More than 1,000 of birds in Missouri
  • More than 650 vultures in Guinea-Bissau
  • More than 50 birds in India

And please explain why thousands of birds are falling dead from the skies every day. You have an idea?

More than 1,000 dead birds in Sikeston, Missouri

More than 1,000 dead birds – red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds, grackles and European starlings – were found in the fields along Wakefield Road on the west side of Sikeston, Missouri on March 1, 2020.

There were also many birds showing signs of physical injury in areas near the road.

Officials believe they were killed by extreme weather sweeping across the region as reports of dead birds began on Sunday, around the time a thunderstorm moved through the area accompanied with high winds, lightning and some hail.

Specimens were collected and will be examined in the next few days to determine the cause of this massive die-off. – KFVS12

At least 650 vultures found dead in Guinea-Bissau

Hundreds of vultures have been found dead in Guinea-Bissau over the past 10 days.

As of 28 February, the known death toll was placed at 648 – and this figure continues to rise in what represents a massive blow to the country’s vulture populations.

Last week, an incident was reported in the eastern province of Bafatá, which was initially thought to have caused around 200 vulture deaths. However, the death toll subsequently increased substantially. And poisoning doesn’t seem to be the cause that has since become more confusing.

Indeed, dead birds were found across several areas within Bafatá province. However poisoning incidents are typically more concentrated.

The precise cause of death remains to be established.Bird Guides

Birds fall dead from trees in India

Around 50 white-throated laughingthrush birds mysteriously fell down from trees in a forest in Uttarakhand, India.

The forest ranger in charge said: “There are two possibilities behind the death of the birds in such large numbers. Either the group ate pesticide smeared food thrown away by people in the forest or they died of some infectious disease.

and added:

This is the first incident of mass death of birds in the district. It may even be the first of its kind in Uttarakhand as I have never heard of mass death of birds during my 20-year stay in the Himalayan foothills.

What’s going on with the air we breathe? Are we also going to fall to the ground soon? More ecosystem collapse news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

Original Article:https://strangesounds.org/2020/03/birds-fall-dead-from-the-sky-missouri-vultures-guinea-bissau-india-video.html

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