Huge Sinkhole Opens On University Of Tennessee’s Knoxville Campus

KNOXVILLE — A water main break has opened a massive sinkhole on the University of Tennessee-Knoxville campus.

“Please use the correct term, ‘drop-out,’ not sinkhole,” UT spokesman Owen Driskill advised in a statement.

“A sinkhole is typically a natural occurrence where a cavity of limestone bedrock caused by erosion provides a route for surface water to escape underground. This occurrence is the direct result of a water main break.”

The water main rupture was reported this morning along Middle Drive near the Hill and Neyland Stadium, between Ferris Hall, Perkins Hall and the Science Engineering and Research Facility, according to UT Facilities Services.

The second floor handicap entrance to the SERF building has been washed out.

Water service has since been restored Ferris and Perkins halls, although natural gas service to buildings on the Hill has been shut off as a precaution.

Currently there is no estimate on how long it might take to complete repairs.

Pedestrian access is available through the area, although Middle Road remains closed to vehicles.


Original Article:

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