Chinese Authorities Arrest Man After Covertly Filming Piles Of Body Bags In Wuhan Hospital

The man who filmed this footage inside a Wuhan hospital was arrested

Chinese authorities have arrested a man who covertly filmed the true scale of the coronavirus outbreak from inside a Wuhan hospital.

The shocking footage was taken inside a medical facility in Wuhan, the quarantined city in China where the killer disease which has killed 361 people.

It shows what seems to be body bags piled on top of each other inside a van.

The man seems to imply there are “eight in total” in the vehicle. He then walks into the hospital ward.

“There are so many dead people,” the cameraman says. “He’s moving bodies here.”

Doctors in hazmat suits can be seen desperately trying to save countless victims.

At one point, one can be seen pronouncing the death of a coronavirus victim lying lifeless on a bed.

Fang Bin shot the footage but was later arrested by police before eventually being released.

His computers were confiscated and he later posted another video to Twitter confessing he was afraid he would get arrested again.

“I have been saying that my safety relies on everyone,” he exclaimed.

“It’s useless to be fearful, it’s useless to beg them — the more you fear, the more they do things this way.”

Wuhan has been left looking like a “ghost town” with residents being ordered to stay inside.

Victims have also been seen collapsing in streets while others have shaken uncontrollably on hospital beds.

There have also been unsubstantiated claims that China has been covering up the true cost of the outbreak.

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