Coronavirus May Have Longer Incubation Time Than Previously Thought

The coronavirus continues to spread outside the borders of China, putting the world on notice of a potential pandemic scenario. As of now, 80 people have died. Infection numbers, however, seem to be a point of controversy. Some reports have it as little as 80 infected while others are reporting just under 3,000.

And now, there’s worse news.

Chinese health officials are saying that Wuhan coronavirus’s incubation period is longer than normal. In fact, it may spread from person to person prior to symptoms such as fever setting in. If such a development pans out, it means coronavirus can potentially spread at an accelerated rate and increase its death toll.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, commenting on the report, called the news “concerning” in an interview with Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM.

“The major surprising and a little concerning observation … is that the incubation period for this new coronavirus is closer to two weeks than the usual one week or less. And so, [with] SARS within five or six days you knew you had it and you only passed it along once you knew you had symptoms, so there were things you could do to protect the people around you,” he said. “It turns out with this virus that may not be the case, you may be able to go around for a while without realizing you’re ill all the time contagious to those around you. So, the usual tactics that we would use to make people feel secure, [like temperature] screening at airports … that won’t work if an afebrile person can pass the virus along.”

If the news is true, it’s a devastating blow to the containment efforts worldwide.

This could explain China’s seemingly more transparent approach to coronavirus than that of outbreaks of the past. China’s mandatory lockdowns throughout the country are an unprecedented containment strategy. President Trump says he’s in close contact with Chinese health officials regarding the illness.

Yesterday, a number of biotech companies announced they are pursuing coronavirus vaccines. Media coverage over the illness has been relentless, for better or worse. In order to protect yourself against the fallout of pandemic, you’ll need to check your preppers list.

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  1. Like the Stuxnet virus the Coronavirus mutates when inoculated.
    Although the Stuxnet virus was software it became extremely agitated when tampered with.


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