Coincidence? Kobe Bryant Tried To Settle ‘Black Mamba’ Battle With Big Pharma Just Before Helicopter Crash That Killed Him And His Daughter, Among Others

Kobe Bryant is trying to hash out a settlement in the battle with a pharma company over “Black Mamba” before heading to trial.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kobe is informing the court he is attempting to work out a deal with the pharma company Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals over his famous nickname.

The document reads, “The parties are actively engaged in negotiations for the settlement of this matter. Kobe, Inc. requests that this proceeding be suspended for 30 days to allow the parties to continue their settlement efforts.”

Back in December, the NBA legend suffered a huge setback in the battle over “Black Mamba.” The United States Patent and Trademark Office denied Bryant’s attempt to wrap up the battle.

Bryant has been fighting the pharmaceutical company Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals for years. Hi-Tech has been attempting to trademark “Black Mamba HYPERRUSH.” Bryant is fighting them being able to trademark it, accusing them of ripping off his famous nickname.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office shut down Kobe’s motion for summary judgment asking for them to void Hi-Tech’s trademark applications. They said the case would move forward and the parties would go to trial. They believe the evidence shows there is still much to be determined.

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  1. Wow,
    I didn’t know this.
    I stayed away from Kobe’s death ignoring it on all the sites.
    I don’t watch sports but I love playing it even now.
    Football, Basketball, Baseball, and now weightlifting.
    Did it as a kid but stopped watching it as a teen.
    Too much hype, drama, money, corruption, egos, etc.
    I laugh when I see a person wearing, say a Nike shirt.
    They just paid Nike to become their walking billboard.
    O yea I let them know, I’m not a small guy!

    Anyway thanks for the info glad I stopped by and finally read about Kobe’s and sadly his daughters death.
    I don’t believe in coincidences any more not since my first year in collage when I found a pamphlet on the ground.
    I picked it up and read about all the pharmaceutical companies using collagen from aborted fetuses in their cosmetics.
    It is supposed to have rejuvenating properties to help the skin or hair or where ever.
    It gave a long list of the evil companies.
    Today those companies are common knowledge and sadly, people yawn.
    I never looked at the world the same again.


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