Dazzling Meteor Lights Up The Skies Of Israel

A blue meteor flashes across the Israeli sky on January 21, 2020. (Screen capture/Twitter)

A large meteor lit up the night sky over Israel with a blue flash so bright it was seen in neighboring Lebanon and Cyprus.

One witness was driving along Route 6 on Tuesday evening when suddenly he saw a blue ball flash through the sky. He later discovered his dashboard camera had captured the sight.

The man, who identified himself as Ori, told Channel 12 that he quickly stopped his car on the side of the road to rewatch it.

מטאור או לא? הבזק אור כחול ענק נראה אתמול בשמיים בסביבות עשר בלילה מעל כביש 6 סמוך למחלף עירון צפונה. דיווחים רבים התקבלו במוקד הארצי של המשטרה כשבינתיים אין הסבר לתופעה
(אורלי אלקלעי; צילום: פעילות מבצעית)

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The Israeli Astronomical Association said there had been 144 reported sightings of the meteor in three countries.

The IAA said that based on the number of sightings, the object was probably very large and part of it may have survived its fiery descent through the atmosphere.

Original Article:https://www.timesofisrael.com/dashboard-camera-catches-blue-meteor-flash-through-israeli-sky/


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