New Video Shows China Loading Hong Kong Protesters Onto Train

A new video seems to show Chinese authorities loading up Hong Kong protesters and shipping them off to China via train lines. The video is filmed near the Hong Kong/China border and is raising concerns that China is now illegally placing protesters in Chinese detention centers. Unbelievably enough, neither Lebron James nor Steve Kerr have enlightened us on how “complicated” this situation is. Go figure…

Pro-democracy protesters have continually clashed with China’s riot police on a university campus and in Hong Kong’s streets. Last Monday, Twitter account @Woppa1Woppa uploaded a video that shows protesters, detained by handcuffs, being walked onto a train.

Following the posting of the video, many people began digging into extra details. One of those details is that the train seems to be the East Rail Line of the Mass Transit Railway. Twitter users surmised that the trains in the video are being loaded at China’s border checkpoints. They also believe the detainees are Hong Kong Polytechnic Unversity students. Another Twitter user claims that Hong Kong has no official presence in these areas.

Hong Kong’s police have declined to make any statements over the matter.

And there is more evidence beyond that video. A Facebook group named “Clear Voices from the Island” posted photos that similarly reflect and confirm the video’s findings

Original Article:

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