Asteroid Just Discovered Last Week To Whip By Earth Tomorrow: Cutting It Close Lately

A large asteroid as big as the Egyptian pyramids should whiz past Earth Friday…

Only if it doesn’t smash on to our home planet’s surface.

asteroid impact friday dec 6
Asteroid as big as the pyramids on its way and will zoom past Earth on Friday. Picture: Getty Images/ European Space Agency

Named 2019 WR3, NASA expects the space rock to make a “close approach” to Earth later this week.

The space agency has classified the celestial body as a “near-Earth object (NEO)” which means its orbit brings it very close – in cosmic terms – to Earth.

The asteroid was first spotted late last week. And that is kind of scary!

Are they really worried about this one?

Meanwhile, NASA has now observed the asteroid some 74 times to better get a sense of its size and trajectory.

WR3 is believed to have a diameter of between 76m to 170m.

On December 6, the asteroid is expected to pass within 5.44 million km of Earth at a speed of 27,036 km/h.

The Deflecting Asteroid Mission of ESA, HERA

The warning comes as the European Space Agency approves a $471 million mission called Hera to examine whether a rogue asteroid on its way to Earth could be deflected out of the way.

Working with NASA, the ESA will send a pair of spacecraft to a double-asteroid system called Didymos to examine the asteroids and send valuable data back home.

The larger asteroid Didymoon is about 800m across, orbited by a moon about 160m wide.

If an asteroid the size of Didymoon were to hammer into Earth, it would be devastating.

The probability is low but the consequences are high. This is why it’s relevant to take care of it. Moreover, we have the tools … We can’t lose more time.

Amateur Astronomers Are Called to Action

Meanwhile, Queens University Belfast professor Alan Fitzsimmons has called for amateur astronomers to assist the Hera mission’s broader goal of protecting Earth against asteroids by nominating asteroids to watch.

We will get a serious asteroid impact sometime. It may not be in our lifetime, but mother nature controls when that will happen. We will need to do something about it. We’ll need to move that asteroid so it misses us and doesn’t hit us.

Asteroid research is one area of astronomy where amateur observes continue to make an essential contribution.

When space agencies and other companies responsible for our safety ask AMATEURS for help, there is really something fishy… [7News]

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