An Effort To Save Face? Prince William Supposedly Played ‘Key Role’ In Ousting Prince Andrew From Palace In Pedophile Scandal

Prince William and Prince Andrew

Prince William was central in axing Prince Andrew from his royal duties and is “not a huge fan” of his Jeffrey Epstein scandal-scarred uncle, according to a report Sunday.

Andrew, 59, was fired Wednesday after his mom, Queen Elizabeth II, felt “hoodwinked” by his disastrous BBC interview over his ties to late pedophile Epstein, according to the Times of London.

Now sources tell the paper that Prince William was also heavily involved in the decision that also saw the Duke of York kicked out of his offices at Buckingham Palace.

“William is becoming more and more involved in decisions about the institution [monarchy] and he’s not a huge fan of his uncle Andrew,” a source told the Times of London.

Another source also told the paper, “William thinks the right thing happened.”

Sources say the Queen feels “aggrieved” at claims that she gave her go-ahead for Andrew’s interview, and actually feels “hoodwinked” by what he ended up saying, according to the paper.

“There is no way the Queen and her private secretary wrote a ‘yes’ on a memo that fully explained what was proposed,” a source told the Times.

“Andrew had a son-to-mother conversation, letting her know that he was planning to address the controversy, but without going into any details.

“What should have happened was the full palace process, where the interview proposal was placed under all the scrutiny and due diligence that usually takes place.”

Sources close to the Queen say she is “privately supportive” of Andrew, who was seen riding at Windsor with his mother last week, but “deeply frustrated,” the paper said.

In fact, she has scrapped plans for a lavish 60th birthday bash for Andrew, instead planning to mark the Feb. 19 occasion with a small family dinner, according to the paper.

So far, only Andrew’s ex, Sarah Ferguson, has defended him, saying she was “deeply supportive and proud of this giant of a principled man.”

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