Strange Animal Behavior: Mystery Larvae Disrupt Quiet Town In Ohio As They Squirm In Strange Organic Formation

SYLVANIA, Ohio (WTVG) – A disgusting sight caught the attention of people who live in Sylvania this morning. The only evidence left over from this morning’s strange phenomenon on Victoria Ct. are some brown patches in the street. And neighbors say that after what they saw this morning, they’re treating their own lawns.

It started as a quiet morning on Victoria Ct. in Sylvania. Neighbors taking out the garbage didn’t expect to see… sticks?

“It’s kind of creepy when you start looking at it close,” one neighbor explained as she examined the formation.

Larry Banachowski was also baffled by the bugs. “When you see millions of those little larvae running around in the street, in lines no less!” He described to 13abc. “They were very uniform in what they were doing.”

We first showed you them this morning on Facebook live. At first glance, they looked like sticks. But a closer look shows something much more complex. So we took the video to an expert.

Dr. Daniel Pavuk is an Ecology and Conservation Faculty Mentor at Bowling Green State University. Analyzing our video, he suggests, “Some sort of fly larvae. Looks like maggots or something.”

He concludes the strange formations are made up of thousands of fungus gnat larvae. But what surprises Dr. Pavuk is the vast amount of them.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like that before,” he says.

Dr. Pavuk says it’s likely that the rainy spring produced more dead or decaying plant material in yards, allowing the population to explode. And after the man on Victoria Ct. recently treated his lawn for grubs, the race was on for them to get away.

Dr. Pavuk explains, “It’s either killing them later or it’s causing a repellent effect or something and they’re reacting to it and trying to get away from it.”

We asked Larry Banachowski, who lives down the street from where the larvae originated, ‘All of those were in his lawn, what do you think is in yours?’ He answered, “I don’t know. That’s a good question! But I haven’t found any problems with my lawn yet.”

Banachowski and other neighbors we talked with say they may just treat their own lawns now, too.

See the original Facebook live video:

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