Strange Skies Appear Over Lake Superior

Something looking like a gate to another dimension or to an unknown imaginary Kingdom suddenly appeared in the sky.

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What are these strange lights in the sky over Lake Superior? Picture by Vincent Brady

Unusual lights appeared in October 2018 to hover above Whitefish Bay on the eastern edge of Lake Superior between the USA and Canada.

Unsure of the cause, astrophotographer Vincent Brady switched camera lenses and soon realized he was seeing light pillars: vertical linesoflightover a ground source that reflect from falling ice crystals.

As the ground temperature was above freezing, the flat crystals likely melted as they approached the ground, creating a lower end to the vertical light pillars.

The red ground lights originated from wind turbines on Ile Parisienne, a Canadian Island visible across the bay.

This picture just looks unreal, like out of a fairy tale! And I missed it then!

Original Article:

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